FE Jeopardy

Idk what topic makes the most sense for this, but I’ll just go with this

Decided to try out a series on my channel (well a series of 1 right now) of Fire Emblem Jeopardy. Admittedly, maybe the first one was too difficult, but I thank my participants, @GabrielKnight @Rubber and Sol (I don’t think he has an account here), for being good sports and indulging me.

Next round will be up… idk, whenever I set up the next one and gather participants. Anyone is welcome to join in, I’m ideally looking for 3-4 per round. That’s it, hopefully you enjoy it.


this video makes me realize how little fire emblem i actually know
but that just makes me like most fans :OOO

(at least i got the hand axe question right)


It was changed from Northwing but good video

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lol damn, i was wondering it that was going to happen, but i didn’t see anything posted in the topic that changed

This was a good video…I only knew about half of those answers…maybe a little more I am old…

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I still feel like I was the weakest there.