FE in The Arab world ... mostly Saudi Arabia

I guess i made this post cuz I mentioned fire emblem in a conversation and some friend came to me and said he plays FE8 put he’s stuck at the final boss :upside_down_face:
I was shocked when he said that., i was wondering who could get stuck at the final boss😑 ?
Especially in fe8 so i asked to see who had he chose in his team i was surprised he didn’t have any magical class in his team :scream:
I was about to beat the s*** out of him
He didn’t know they were strong against the final boss
He didn’t even know that the priest class heals allies
I guess he didn’t know cuz he can’t read or speak english very well
After that he told me he knows people who play FE some of them plays in 3ds and some just knows some characters like marth from smash bros

At that moment i felt like wow I’m not the only one who’s obsessed With FE games in Saudi Arabia some of them knew how to play it and some of them don’t probably because FE doesn’t Support Arabic language


… what

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Not particularly relevant, but spellcasters are nowhere near required for FE8’s final boss. The best route to taking him down is by using well-armed characters with sacred weapons, and the melee ones have good pre-promotes to use them anyway. The two lords have Siegmund and Sieglinde, Duessel can use basically any of the three, Seth can use swords or lances, and Innes can use Nidhogg. In addition, Syrene also makes for a competent Vidofnir user in endgame.

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FE8 :crossed_swords: really :facepunch: be :triumph: that :sweat_drops: hard :fire: huh :100:


I never figured FE would be known in SA, though I feel like they should for some reason

Or maybe not.

Try telling them that

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Nah I’m too busy with my own project…and why even making version with Arabic translation ?

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So am I and the idea that the FE warriors even surprise me even more

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But easy mode have Tutorial which forced use Moulder to heal Ross or am i just imagine that?

That is unless they didn’t play easy mode, but it does force you to heal Ross on easy

FE8 being considered hard and unbeatable.
Now I’ve seen everything there is to life…


He said if he can’t deal damage he isn’t good
I said he HEALS!!?
He is from the kind of people who think they are right and everybody else are wrong

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Just for what it’s worth:

GBAFE doesn’t natively support right-to-left text - it would require hacking the text rendering routines to start on the right-hand side and determine the position for each character separately. (Embedding LTR text within RTL is even worse, since you’d have to pre-compute the length of the embedded section, as well as processing a signal code for the embed.)

It also doesn’t support variant glyphs (for contextual shapes of letters in that flowing/cursive writing style), but that’s easy enough to deal with; just use precomposed characters for everything. (I suppose it would be possible to add support for basic accents, by giving the glyphs separate data for “width of symbol” and “distance to advance after printing symbol”, but that doesn’t generalize very well at all.)

Multi-byte encoding - for languages requiring more than a couple hundred glyphs; I don’t know if Arabic qualifies here after accounting for precomposed characters - is sort-of supported natively; even in the English version there are (normally inaccessible?) routines to handle SJIS encoding, so you’d just need to make a fake SJIS-like character mapping and… configure something or other in startup to use those routines. But honestly the way the encoding is implemented, looks like an ugly hack. One of the things I wanted to do after the 2016 demo is implement a proper system so that you can use whatever single- or multi-byte encoding you like, by looking them up in a tree rather than with the weird linked lists it uses for SJIS (there is a requirement here that no character code is a prefix of any other code; this shouldn’t exclude any reasonably well-behaved encoding, and doesn’t AFAIK exclude any encodings I’ve ever heard of).


Zahlman is going to introduce Punjabi hacks of Duo Geno to Kashmir with this newfound technology, clearly.

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Absolutely haram.

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I port UTF-8 to FE8U/FE7U.
Search for “Draw utf-8” from the patch of FEBuilderGBA.

There is a project that uses it to translate into Russian.
There are also people who display Vietnamese and Thai.

The problem, as noted earlier, is that you can’t draw from right to left.
If you can draw from left to right, I think you can solve most of the problems.
My patch supports up to 6 byte UTF-8 strings.
Since GBA is a 32 bit machine, it should be able to support 4 bytes of unicode.

You should now be able to display most strings.
However, something like emoji that doesn’t fit into a more 4-byte unicode is not currently expressible.
64 bit is not supported because it makes the program more complex.

I think It can display Arabic in the UTF-32 range.