FE in Smash

If Fire Emblem was to get another representative in super smash brothers, whether it is a fighter, echo fighter, mii costume or an assist trophy, who would you want and for what?

Personally, I want them to add someone for the next echoes game, which I believe to be the Elibe games so perhaps one of the axe boys as a mii costume.


You might’ve started a massive forest fire on that one. It’s the whole Byleth Ordeal all over again.

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Someone who simply does not use swords at all, or who’d have no need of them to supplement their primary weapon in the context of a fighting game. In terms of Lords and other major characters, Hector, Ephraim, Micaiah, Azura, and Sharena are all viable choices for this. If we’re including villains, too, honestly more of them would work than not.

I’m not one of those people who thinks Fire Emblem has “too many” reps in terms of quantity, but I do think the specific selection of characters they chose does a pretty terrible job of showcasing the variety of abilities and fighting styles that are actually present within the series. I couldn’t blame an outsider for inferring that Fire Emblem was some sort of Soul Calibur knockoff based on the representation in Smash.

Honestly, I think that, when picking Fire Emblem representatives for action-based crossovers or spinoffs in general, it would probably work better to use a “class-first” approach, then have various notable and/or popular characters of the classes chosen as different skins of the base “character”. For a very basic example, take Marth. He’s a basic good infantry sword boy Lord. Roy, Eliwood, and Eirika all basically share his fighting style, too, so you could roll them all into one fighter with two colors apiece, like Hero.

All that out of the way…

For Mii Fighter costumes, I’m thinking something like…

  • Post-timeskip Raphael or Balthus, or a generic Brawler or War Master costume, for Mii Brawlers
  • Honestly literally anyone for Mii Swordfighters, but I’d favor someone like Ogma or Navarre or maybe Lyn personally.
  • Mii Gunners are a bit of a long shot, but, though Kiran is the obvious choice, I also think it’d be cool to have an outfit based on an FE1 bow class wielding a crossbow. That might be too deep a cut, though, haha

Back when the Smash Ballot was a thing for Smash Wii U/3DS, I filled it out for Micaiah.

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I think the best choice would probably be Ephraim or Hector

both are from GBA FE which is the most iconic era of FE and use something other than swords which allows a unique moveset

Ephraims lance is described as the ‘‘sacred flame lance’’ which can add some cool fire effects, he could also throw javelins in his moveset that can be picked up and thrown like Rob’s disk thing or K rool’s crown, he could also be mounted which would be an amazingly weird ad cool thing to do.

Hector has the Armads which is known as ‘‘the thunder axe’’ which can similarly give off a really cool lightning effect, he could be a heavywheight much like Ike and Byleth, he could also have quick attack cooldowns because he’s described to look like a brute who wildly swings his axe by lyn in a support, he could do broad swings and only his down+B could have some wind up, it was also said by hector in the same support that he is aware of his surroundings when fighting so his moveset could be a very strategic and intentional moveset like Simon or Robin, he could obviously reskin the cross from Simon to be a handaxe, be faster but do less damage.

As for final smashes Ephraim could do a dual strike with eirika like Robin’s pair up, or a trio attack with Eirika and Lyon.

As for Hector, he could represent all of FE7 and have Lyn and Eliwood chip in, or even have them along with Roy and Lilina. Another possibility is the infamous Hectorcopter, it’s a popular meme that could be brought back to life. One more idea is summoning that Armads guard from FE7 that gives him that trial for it to fight with the screen turning dark and stormy. If he is given the Wolf Beil isntead of the Armads then his final smash could give him the Armads, adding range to his attacks, like how Ike’s fully charged Ragnell shoot out collumns of lesser blasts.

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The jail cell squad from FE1 (Dolph, Macellan, Midia, Boah, Tomas) all in 1 fighter slot. They’re like Pre-Smash 4 Sheik/Zelda or Pyra/Mythra where you can Down b to switch characters, but it’s a selection menu like Shulk’s Monado arts.

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Eliwood from FE7.

HE’d be so cool!