Fe Gba Editor: Trainee Promotion is Crashing

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I am trying to make a fire emblem gba rom hack for me and my family to play. It has been going well with testing, however, that is until I tried changing character classes.

So, Fire Emblem GBA Editor came with a load of patches I could install onto the game. I got one that allowed me to change how many Trainee Units there were. I used this to change who were specified as Trainee Units. Yes, they were a custom class that I used the other trainee classes as a base.

When I tried to make the first trainee promote to one of their classes, it immediately crashed upon pressing down to see the other class they could turn into. I’m unsure of what is going on as this is my first time using Fire Emblem GBA Editor. I’ve been having a blast so far, but everything is getting pretty confusing because of this.

Edit: If it helps, the classes promotions were: Female Myrmidon and Female Archer.

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@7743 might be able to help you. Could you create a report7z and share a link to it here? (Eg. Googledrive or dropbox.)

For info on how to create a report7z, please see this link:

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I can’t help anyone who doesn’t send report7z.
It’s like calling an ambulance without saying your address.
I won’t be able to help him.

There are two main causes of freezing with promotion.
One is that the currently equipped weapon cannot be equipped by the promoted class.
The second is that we are using characters that are not displayed in the characters of the class.
Both have patches to fix it.

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Sorry, I think it might be the former with what you said as when I unequipped the weapon, it didn’t crash. Would you mind telling me what the patch is called?

NAME.en=Display/Hide Weapon On Promote