FE Direct - Submissions due 2017.05.01!

Fire Emblem Direct 2017.01.01 is live!

Have you ever wanted to show off your cool toys to the greater community at large but didn’t have a platform to do it on? That your project doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Feel a burning desire to show off your wizardry and magic and become hailed as a sorceror? Have you ever wanted to see a video of Arch and me punching each other?

Is the answer to all the above questions no? Well too bad, it’s happening - welcome to Fire Emblem Direct!

FE Direct 2 is in-progress! All submissions should either be in or soon-to-be in!

Submission Details

All submissions should take place in this thread, or PMed to an organizer (myself, Crazycolorz or Arch) if you’d like it to be a surprise.

If you’d like to submit a tech demo, please submit either footage or a patch; does not have to be a complete patch. If incomplete, please let us know how we can best showcase your work. Note that we may fold certain tech demos into a single demonstration in the interest of time.

If you’re going to submit a full fangame (or a beta of), please submit either a full patch, footage or a trailer. In the former two cases, we (the FE Direct Staff) will edit what we have in whatever way is easiest for us (that may be live commentary, it may be simple gameplay footage, etc). Trailers are preferred.

If you have something else to show, be it art, a toolchain or anything else, let us know the best way we can show it off - FE Direct is meant to showcase your work, in whatever way is best for you.

We’re aware the first deadline is rather close; we want to reiterate that we want this to be a recurring thing, and even if you miss this one, if you send things to us we’ll definitely keep them in the backseat for next time!


(idiot mode on) So do we need a patch or a tool release or can we just send you footage or something? (end idiot mode)


Footage will make my life easier, patch or tool is workable

-redacted for lack of necessity-


:smiley: :blush: :smiley:


Sorry I’ve been out of the loop; is this just basically FEE3: Round 2?

that wasn’t the intention but it definitely serves a similar purpose

other than this first one it was basically just meant to be a thing that just drops whenever enough cool shit has built up

think more like ghast’s old hackers digest or whatever on serenes



Hey guys, Zanespark here!

I’ve revamped my popular Equipped Item Preview Hack again!

It’s probably not major enough to warrant its own video, but could probably be added to another showcase.

FE Direct Equipped Item Preview [FE8]


Update: @MCProductions put together a nice EN trailer, and I recorded the Emblem Magic demo last night with @CT075 and LexouDuck (gonna be working on editing that footage over the next few days). Got a hands-on demonstration coming everyone’s way–it’s gonna be “yooooge”.



No, but I felt an arousing amount of curiosity and clicked.

Now I’m just sad.


First video is up!


There’s a link to a little extra bonus thing in the comments section for anyone curious enough to scroll down. A gift from your old friend Archibald.


The music is very loud, it makes it very hard to hear what you’re saying.


Up with Arch!

Pretty nice stuff here! Good job guys!

[quote=“CT075, post:1, topic:1998”]
Have you ever wanted to see a video of Arch and me punching each other?
[/quote] Have you even read my Christmas list?

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Coming as soon as we manage to cobble together green screens.

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