FE: Chronicles of the New Empire (New Hack, Demo Only)

Hello and welcome.
I am a new ROMhacker and this is my first hack.
I am releasing a demo containing Prologue-Ch8.
Please leave suggestions/comments as it will help improve the overall quality of the project.
Download Link: Dropbox - ChronicleOfTheNewEmpireDemoV1.ups - Simplify your life

Credits (in no specific order)
  • Levin 64
  • Zeldacrafter
  • Sphealnuke
  • Flasuban
  • Der
  • Arch
  • Random Wizard
  • BatimaTheBat
  • BBHood217
  • DerTheVaporeon
  • XVI
  • Flasuban
  • Ghostblade
  • Its Just Jay
  • Kanna
  • Matthieu
  • MeatofJustice
  • MrGreen3339
  • Levin
  • Smokeyguy77
  • N426
  • IS

Notable Changes

  • Promoted enemies are treated as +14 on normal and +19 on hard. Difficulty is more consistent.
  • Sword/Lance/Axe have been slightly rebalanced
  • Light magic is actually good now having much more crit and less weight. By extension, Monks are scary now.
  • Multiple units are Game Over conditions - they will become important later on
  • Some intentionally difficult and unfair maps to tie in with the story
  • Promoted class caps are 80 HP and up to 40 in any one stat.
  • Unpromoted classes have 60 HP cap and 20 stat cap, but have a total of 10 points added to their caps (eg. 23 STR, 22 SKL, 25 SPD, 20 DEF, 20 RES)

Can you show us some screenshots? It would be nice to see what the new ROM hack has in store.


also you should tell us whether this goes over FE6, FE7, or FE8

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It patches to FE8