FE Builder Music Question

Hello friends,

Just noticed we can finally import WAV files into our hacks, but does anyone know how to add TEMPO to said file in the engine?

My WAV file has the correct tempo of 131 but when inserted into the engine it seems to be stuck at a hardline Tempo=60(hidden) , I’ve provided screenshots below to help clarify my question.

Thanks in advance!


In that same window, click on Musical Score (slightly above where you’ve circled) It’ll open another window.

At the bottom you’ll see ‘Tempo Correction’; whatever value you enter will be added to to the current tempo (positive values to gain, adding a - in front will lower the tempo)

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WAV files are not recommended for full songs, only smaller SFX.

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Why using WAVs file? They are extremely heavy and could make your project file reaches limit very fast.

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Do you understand the difference between midi and wav?
tempo is a command issued to midi.

Including music with wav consumes a lot of space.
This is useful if you want to insert audio, but this is not generally recommended.
It consumes about 600KB-1000KB for about 1 minute of music.
In GBA, all sizes, including other pictures and data, must be 32MB (32000KB).
Therefore, adding music with wav is not recommended.
You should not use it unless you have special circumstances such as adding voice.

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I see, I’ll keep that in mind tyty.

There was specific 30 second clip I really wanted to have as a near-end theme, and the Native Instrument Map 2 doesn’t is missing a few sound files to make the song complete for the MIDI form.
Also thanks for the info/advice I’ll probably sort it out when I get near the end of my hack.

Not really, just that MIDI is a simple form of sound and WAV is closer to MP3. Coding-wise I have no clue.

I’ll keep the info in mind for the future, it was just that the music seemed to be slowed down when inserted and I was trying to figure a solution for it. I’ll try compressing the WAV further.


Sadly that didn’t work I tried it early, it only seems to work with MIDI files.

Thanks for trying though!

The difference between a wav and a midi is that a wav is the complete waveform of the sound output, so you would expect it to take a lot of space. A midi, on the other hand, is an instruction set that the ROM reads and uses the instrument map to combine many sounds together based on the sequence of sounds in the midi. Midis actually hardly take up any space whatsoever.
Wavs are like playing a record from a player, and midis are like putting a piece of sheet music in front of a 100% accurate musician (though that musician is also limited in many ways).
Because of space limitations and the sound engine really isn’t designed to handle big wavs, midis are the way to go… which is kind of unfortunate because it can be difficult to find good midi tracks and make them sound nice. This is why we praise The Soundroom Repo.


Gotcha, I’m going to retry setting up a better MIDI file-it’s probably best to do anyway.