Nice Saa, can you share it to me?


Thank you for reporting the bug.
This bug was fixed with ver 20181109.21.


Please write more concretely.
What is strange?
Please send report7z.

I am using a PC, so I can open the QR code.
Please write the URL.


Select the background picture of the menu whose address is A9E5 CO
I want to modify it, but there is something strange on it that interferes with my graphics


Please send report7z.


Hello 7743. When the skill animation is launched, it will always start playing in the penultimate frame of the previous combat animation.

Is this a bug?


I do not know.
FE8J’s skill animation(FE8N + SkillAnime) is realized by hooking Great Shield and Sure Strike / Pierce.
On the defense side, when the skill activates, it calls Great Shield animation routine.
On the attacking side, when the skill is activated, it calls Sure Strike / Pierce’s animation routine.
And, in each animation routine, animation for skill is displayed.

If there is something wrong, it seems like a bug that FE8 has in default.

If it is a freeze bug, I can debug and check.
Problems on a frame basis are very difficult to confirm and can not be dealt with.


Thank you. The details are as shown below. I don’t know if it helps this problem.


Probably, I think that it is the specification of the Great Shield routine.(FE8J: 0x08070B68)
I can not do anything.


ok,thank you.


Pretty sure that " Change Max Luck Caps" did not work


It does not reproduce.
Please send report7z.

I doubted the competition with the skill system, so I tested both patterns.
It does not occur in either pattern.
Perhaps it might be in conflict with some other patch.


as fast as ever.

i have a lot of patch installed so good luck finding that

NAME.en=Stat Bar Max Length

This patch is the cause.
The default value is 30 (0x1e).
This patch seems to conflict with SkillSystems.

I recommend to return to the default value.


So it’s either “anything but luck” bars or “only luck” bar huh? I guess i know which i am going to choose now. Thanks 7743


When used at the same time as SkillSystems, it seems that only Luck’s bar is not drawn correctly.
Modification of system often conflicts with SkillSystems.


I’ve stumbled across what I assume is a bug, a bug I hope we didn’t create.

There was some data in the Magic Animations table.

After looking at it in a Hex Editor, it turned out to be edited text.

So normally FEBuilder isn’t supposed to write any data into tables, would be stupid after all, right?

I tried to fix it by repointing it again, without the messed up data of course, didn’t want to mess the text up. But then I realized that despite repointing it to 255 slots, it was back to the 180 again that it had before.
And trying to write into the data after the 180 slot was considered out of range.

So clearly it didn’t repoint correctly.

I went back to a version before all this mess happened, where it only had 173 slots and tried to repoint there just out of curiosity, only to be greeted by the same results after expanding the table.

Could this have somehow been our fault or does FEBuilder not properly recognize the Magic Animations table as table?

I think the fact that it wrote text in the empty space there is already concerning enough.


Please send report 7z.
The expanded magic table, by design, has a huge zero data space.
There is a possibility that FEBuilderGBA misunderstood this as an empty area.
I am preparing a countermeasure routine so that it does not occur, but it may not have worked.
I want to confirm your problem, please send me the data.


Hello 7743. Can skill animation be done not transparent? If can do it, how to write it on the script?


It is the specification of FE that skill animation becomes translucent.
I do not know how to fix this.

However, since the existing magic is also executed in a similar routine, there may be a way to set parameters.