please send report 7z.

I can not answer anything with that information alone.


If there is that patch, it will be possible to add, but since there is no patch, it will take time to investigate and make it.

There are multiple APIs for music reproduction.
Some functions have a function to skip playback if they are the same song.

Perhaps the function to play battle BGM is not so.
Perhaps It is using lower layer functions.


Not sure if i should post it here or " Skill system patches " but after the “22/10/2018” update some of the skills animations activation is broken


please send report 7z.

I think that it failed to update skill animation.
Please exit without saving.


Damn i fucking hate discord, can i post the report.7z somewhere else? Like GGdrive?
Why not discord, you asked? Forced to sign up, give email, verification, prove i am human and most important FUCKING CAPTCHA



I received your ups.
I am watching Skill animation data,
but it seems that the correct data is installed.

Also skill_20181020 has already been installed.

Have you fixed anything?


Yeah i did fix it with other saa i found in this forum, to reproduce it, just upgraded the 23/10/2018 skill system patch from the previous one (i don’t remember the date) because that’s all i did
About the file name, i guess i can kiss my save good bye


Do you have a backup before updating SkillSystems?

Your report 7z did not contain these files for some reason.
Since I want to reproduce the error, I need a backup before updating SkillSystems.


To make SRPG, we need to write a lot of text.
When writing a lot of sentences, typo will occur.

Spell checker software for each language exists, but the performance is different.
Japanese spell checker did not have much good performance.

The most effective way to proofread a sentence is to read aloud.
However, it is troublesome to read aloud it one by one.

Therefore, using text to speech on windows, we have a function to read texts.

However, since text to speech on windows is not enabled by default, it can not be used unless the library is installed.

If you are installing the Text To Speech library, you can have the text read aloud with synthesized speech from the “Text To Speech” function of the text editor.
Also, even if you connect to the emulator, if you activate the read-aloud setting with this button, you will read out the character strings in the game with synthesized speech.

If the Text To Speech library is installed on your PC, the Reading button will be displayed.
If there is no library, an error will be returned.

There is also a speech button on the screen connected to the emulator.
The position of the button may change in the future.


@7743 i have one question in the previous versión have one button to extend the class for what reason in is versión no have the button


Class extensions cause huge problems, so class extension buttons are hidden by default.
Although you can enable it by setting, I recommend not to extend the class.


ok thanks


@7743 I had this problem when I transplanted this patch. Can you help me? Or you can add it to the FEB patch


This routine is difficult.
It does not work simply by porting.
I could not transplant yet.


From FEBuilderGBA to the latest SkillSystems, Item Effectiveness will be invalidated.
This is because SkillSystems has newly implemented the Effectiveness routine.
The compatibility has been broken.
I did not notice this problem.
I’m currently considering a response.

Therefore, I recommend that you do not update yet if you have not updated yet.


I have made a fix update for this problem.
FEBuilderGBA ver Ver:20181028.11.

Please use Skill20181028.

If you have updated to Skill 20181020,
Updating from Skill20181020 to Skill20181028 solves the problem.


At this moment, is there no way to use the Skill System and Weapon Lock patch at the same time? The new Skill patch seems to override it.


Indeed, the new SkillSystems seems to conflict with the dedicated weapon Lock patch.
Competition of patches is a troublesome problem…

This is the function below,

08016574 B530   push {r4,r5,lr}   //CanUnitUseAsWeapon
08016738 3028   add r0, #0x28   //Skill SkillSystems 20181020 (スキル拡張)@00016738.bin@BIN
0801673A 1840   add r0 ,r0, r1
0801673C 7800   ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0]   //専用武器Ex 導入@@EA
0801673E 2100   mov r1, #0x0
08016740 4290   cmp r0 ,r2

Weapon Lock Ex(専用武器) hook 0801673C.
However,SkillSystems Hook 08016738.

JumpToHack hooks use 8 bytes.
Therefore, they hook routines to each other, and it do not work well.

SkillSystems is doing hooks in this part of “Master Skill Installer”.

//Shadowgift and friends (only Lumina for now)
ORG $16738

[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way

Maybe you can put up (or have them put up) two patches, one with Shadowgift, one without? Just an idea.


I created a patch to uninstall ShadowGift.
When using New SkillSystems and Weapon Lock Ex at the same time, please do as follows.

Install New SkillSystems

Uninstall SkillSystems ShadowGift

Uninstall Weapon Lock Ex