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This happens when you apply a patch that adds commands, such as the escape patch or the special event for each unit patch. All you have to do is re-add the Wait command by going into the Menu Commands Editor and pasting the data from vanilla.

Usability 804F449
Effect 8022739

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Hello guys, I’m new to hacking and I’m starting to make my first hack rom. I was wondering if there is a way to add new weopon types to the game. Is a way to add for exemple guns or other weopon types in addition to the classic sword, axe ecc…? I extend the data in the weopon tringle section but I can’t figure out how to add new weopon types. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this question.

The problem in vanilla is weapon exp, there are only 8 slots saved for it. With the “weapon type array” patch, you can separate weapon exp from weapon type, so that you can have essentially 255 weapon types if you want.

I deleted my world map node shop addresses thinking that it would remove the world map shops. Unfortunately, it gave all of my nodes a default shop and armory. Is there a way to remove my world map shops?

Put the address of a shop that has 0 entries, that is how nodes that have no vendor/armory/secret shop do it.

Added two recommended patches.

It appears when you try to import battle animation.
This is a patch to reduce the size of the battle animation.
Often the enemy OAM (LeftToRightOAM) is a mirror copy of the player’s OAM (RightToLeft OAM).
In such cases, the import of the enemy OAM can be omitted and automatically generated during the game to avoid wasting space.
This saves about 1-5kb per animation.

It appears when you try to set a Unit with multiple coordinates.
This is a patch to suppress the hang-up problem when a unit is moved to a position where it cannot be moved, such as inside a wall.


Hi. I’d like to make a suggestion regarding this error:

With the discovery that Vesly’s extend weapon description to three lines also extends item and skill descriptions to a maximum of five lines, I don’t think builder’s linter should flag this as an error anymore, as long as the patch is installed.

I’ve attached some screenshots. Thanks!

rare leaked footage of Andromeda’s first gaiden

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Please send me ups or report7z so I can check.

Here it is.

Is there an easy way to find a character or class in their respective editors? Like a search feature? Also is there a quick way to find what chapter a character shows up in?

I was doing a randomizer and needed to fix some stuff but i was having problems finding the characters easily

If you type the character/class name or ID, it will open a search window.

It’s hard to know when a character is first loaded since it’s determined by events. Usually this confusion happens with Moulder and Vanessa, they are loaded in the Castle Frelia chapter. Still, a search function in the unit placer would be convenient.

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Awesome! Thank you!


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I’m starting to add new animations to my hack rom. To occupy less space is better to create new animation slots or to just ovverwrite the vanilla animations that I don’t want to use?

Those aren’t very different in terms of space usage- it’s most likely either way that the ROM size is being expanded and the new animation is being added at the end.

Overwriting the vanilla battle animation data would probably yield slightly better results.
However, if you then need the vanilla data and re-import the vanilla data, the result will be worse.
Make sure you only overwrite data that you will not use in any way.

Also, be sure to check the number of sheets of animation you are importing.
One sheet is roughly 4kb.
If it have 10 sheets, you will waste 40 kb.
Dragons and cavalry data tend to be larger, and some animations may use as many as 20 sheets needlessly.
Avoid such data unless you absolutely need it.

Finally, please avoid installing strange patches as much as possible so that you can rebuild.
The ones on the FEBuilderGBA patch list are relatively safe, but installing anything else after 0x09000000 may cause problems during rebuild.

Is there any way to split the Anima triangle for FE6?

Anima triangle has not been ported to FE6.

I’m using fe builder and I have installed the patch for the strenght magic split. My question is it is possible to create a weapon that use magic but target the enemy’s defence instead of resistance?

If it is vanilla, it is possible.
But if you have SkillSystems installed, I don’t think you can probably do it.

If it is vanilla, you can turn off Attack Res (Magic) in the Item’s characteristics to use Def instead of Res.