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You want the image to be 32x32, is it the image on the list?

I am worried that if the image is enlarged, letters will become relatively small and float.
Even though the letters can be enlarged along with the image, it is great only on the text of the list, but
it feels strange.

I am thinking about what it is.

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I’d like the icons and such to not be stretched and blurry, where possible.

^This is FEXNA. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/44734-fexna-currently-in-private-beta/

FEXNA has editors that look really nice. I think your editor, 7743, works very well, but now we also want it to look really good too. I’m trying to make it look very professional.

Edit: Compare FEXNA item editor with yours.

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can i insert other language like Korean in the game ?
i saw menu font i think maybe can…

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You can. I think most of the information is in this file here:

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I think the size is around 22 x 22 limit.
Currently, it depends on the font size, but it is about 15 x 15.
I will post a revised version about one hour later, so please wait a minute.

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Currently, without visual studio, you can not create a language to add.
However, I think that this is not good, so I would like to fix it.

Machine translation, making a base, I feel like I am fixing the place where I do not agree with it by hand.
Resource is UTF - 8, source code is C#, so it is Unicode.
I want to be able to do anyone with an editor that can edit this.

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I’d recommend either keeping sizes at 16x16 for 16x16 sprites, and fullsizing to 32x32 IF POSSIBLE, or downsizing 32x32 to 16x16, because at least that will be a clean half-size.

If you make 16x16 into 14x14 or something like that, it will look blurry and very ugly. Same for 32x32 to 22x22, I’d rather 32x32 go down to 16x16.

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· I made the icon size slightly larger.
· Extraction of multiple words
· Sgm search was not working so fix

· About sgm search

It is a convenient function that you can jump to an active event.
From within this tool, start up VBA-M with the emulator setting. (It’s VBA-M ONLY)

Advance the game, if there is any conversation event, please do QS(QuickSave) with Shift + F1 (F2, F3 … F10 or whatever).
After that, when you end the emulator …

We will jump automatically to the conversation event that we were displaying earlier.
(Specifically, we jump until the last conversation event.)

It is only VBA-M.
It analyzes the content SGM file of the QS that was last acquired,
Identify the event and the displayed character string,
It automatically jumps to the address where it is described.
Is it like an edit contest?

I hope the emulator such as VBA-M has a function to take a snapshot of memory contents from an external application, but now…
Since it seems that such an emulator does not exist,
Before quitting, you must do QS. Also, since the contents of QS varies depending on the emulator, it becomes a function of VBA-M only.

· Extraction of multiple words
I extracted the language list outside. It is /config/data/func_lang_ALL.txt.

If you add a language to this, it will be reflected in the setting.
About translating Japanese strings from source code. Since it puts a load on the external site when used too much, it is a hidden function.
Please go to Menu -> Settings -> Version. If it is GPL v3, please enter “Konami Command” when the written screen is displayed. Then the translation menu will be displayed. ^o^

If you do not understand it, I think that you can understand by looking at the source code of VersionForm.cs.



I adjusted the image filter slightly.

This is the upper limit that can be done.

the icon is contained in the ROM at 16x16.
This tool must always use the image in the ROM.
Because it is a ROM editor.

I do not want to quit enlarging the image.
Small images hinder work.

For the image enlargement problem, I want to finish with this.
I have other functions that I have to implement.


Alright, that’s fine by me :slight_smile:

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This tool is so amazing, I had to register an account to thanks you all for the great work.

I have one question so my post is somewhat “worth” how can I create custom Stats boosts for weapons ?(we can do that with nightmare modules but is there an option maybe I did not notice?)


do you means this ? then I don’t know how to make a new one. If I increase the count and reload it does nothing, however if I decrease the count to at least 169 and reload, AA (170) Dragonstone will not be visible, If I put to 170 it comes back or 206 the base value but then we don’t see all the stats bonus that should exist ?)


I said it was the editor, I didn’t say I knew how to use it yet haha

If you want to add more weapons though, you have to do that in the weapon editor itself first, then you can add more things in the stat boost editor.

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well if I’m not mistaken the next offset should be 8AEFD8 (8AEFCC + C)

just tried, look like it is the way to do


So as to not clutter this topic, I will be posting all updates related to my English translation here:

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@7743 I’m having issues with one small thing.

In the character editor:

Where you can set the Affinity:

The options are: flame, Thunder, Wind, ice, darkness, light, Theory

I want to change the names. How do I do that?

Bonus: It would be fun to make the Affinity icons appear also, like so:

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Since there was a problem, I would like you to use the latest version first.

And …

To give the amplification value, please press this button in the item.
Then, a new area is secured.

Then allocate your favorite amplification value to the allocated area.

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Do you know the pointer of the attribute value icon?
I do not want this tool to keep image resources separately.
Since this is a ROM editor, it is necessary to do with all values read from ROM.

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Yes, that is what I want. I don’t know how to make the Affinity icon show up.


The item icons, 71 - 80 are for Affinities
for this screen

I do not know how to code the affinities to work, so I cannot add them.

I can design with the UI only, no coding skills.

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Nice, I see how it works now. Will try to mess around with that thanks
Keep going this editor is amazing and I believe it can be even more in the future !