FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z


Have you forgotten that Range Cond is also effective against enemies?
If you want to target only the player unit, you need to write event script it at the top.

When any player unit stops in range (used at the start of range based events (0B))

If this doesn’t work as expected, send report7z.


It is dangerous to ignore errors.
Please, fix the error instead of ignoring it.

I don’t want to ignore errors, so I don’t want to have a mode that ignores all errors.
Please explain why you can ignore the error.


It’s like this, my Class table is reading some data past the Vanilla class numbers, for some reason which is nothing but BB bytes, so it’s saying as you can see in the screenshot, that there are errors with so called classes, and there are errors for a class, but I don’t care because I won’t be using those classes, that spot was made free space for other data, and the system should have stopped reading at somewhere around 7F anyway.


if your class table is past vanilla classes, and you don’t use them then why don’t you remove the patch or extra classes your not using? Also your errors say class ID doesn’t match which also isn’t a good thing to be playing with. And your magic animations are messed up, which you also should check out.

And you can right click the error to make it not pop-up again, but I wouldn’t advise that.


I’m not using any of those classes, I wish I could make the Class Table stop reading at 7F, that’s really the only issue here.


FEBuilderGBA performs the following checks to determine the end of the class.

, (int i, uint addr) =>
    if (i == 0)
        return true;
    uint no = Program.ROM.u8(addr + 4);
    return (no != 0);

Therefore, if 0x04 in the class table is changed to 0x00, the data should end.
0x04 of class table is class->ID.

For example, if you want to end with Class ID 0x77, change it as follows.
If you open the Class Form again, you can see that it stops at 0x76.

If you are not sure, please send report7z.

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Can being able to move and insert classes be added? Right now, I have to keep dragging classes up and down one at a time and it’s very tedious.


You can copy by pressing Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V on the list on the left.
This is valid for all lists.

If you want to shift the whole data down by one, this method takes time and you need to take another method.
Double-click “Selection” in the upper right.
Data can be exported and imported in TSV format.

Extract the data in TSV format and rearrange it with a text editor.
Then import it.


I been having a problem with trying to change a map sprite, Report.7z is above


This is a bug in FEBuilderGBA.
I think FEBuilderGBA displays the wrong warning.
I will fix it next time.
In the meantime, please ignore this error.


This problem fixed in the latest version.


I think there’s a small error with the patch CasualMode (ver. GameOption). On and Off are currently reversed; if toggled ON, units will permanently die. If toggled Off, it works as intended.


It’s a specification.
This is because of historical issues.
Change the options from the game options in the detail menu.

FE8 has an AutoSave Patch.
AutoSavePatch is a patch that can return to the player turn when reset and resumed.
If a player makes a mistake, he can rewind one turn.
This patch defaults to the same behavior as vanilla.
It becomes effective when the option is changed to “OFF”.

To get the same behavior as this patch, ON and OFF are reversed.
It’s hard to understand, but it’s an unavoidable problem.
You can reverse the choice with GameOption in the advanced menu, so please use this.

Example of change.


Alright, question time again.

I’ve been modding TLP and ran out of space, and the thread earlier already stated that ROM rebuild doesn’t work. I’ve tried reducing slots by removing animations and clearing up old text files and unused chapters (where there are hundreds of conditional events that go unused), but I still get the “not enough free space” error.

What can I do to free up some more space? I know I’m using an older version and need to update - which I will try soon - but I don’t know if that’ll make a difference.


For FEBuilderGBA, the free space in the middle of the ROM means the space of 0x00 or 0xff that is 8kbytes or more.

Custom spell patch , and wav files that are edited in a casual manner will create a vast 0x00 area, so this is not a misconception.
Therefore, if it is a small area of 8kbytes or less, that area is dangerous and will not be reused.
If free space is not found, insert it at the end of the ROM.

However, since TLP has already alloced 32MB area, the last area cannot be used.

In this case, you can use rebuild to relocate the extended area to bring the shredded area and unused data to the front.
However, rebuild is not available for TLP.
Since TLP has many unique ASM patches in the extended area, they cannot be moved.
For unknown patches, the ASM length is automatically measured.
but, this logic is not yet certain.
(If even one byte makes a mistake, everything will collapse.)
Therefore, TLP with a large number of unknown patches cannot be rebuilt.


How would I go about calling enemy reinforcements over several turns, triggered by an area event. Such as in FE6 Ch21 where there are reinforcement “zones” that call reinforcements for 3 turns when you enter the range?


New documentation.

Changing the tile style (Changing the tile palette)



In FE8, you can use reinforcements using counters.
Please refer to MapID: 0x17 “Fort Rigwald”, which is set as reinforcement for 1-255 turns.
These are reinforced for a while when a player breaks into a specific location.

In Range Cond, hook, initialize counter, open the flag.
Then, the 1-255 Turn reinforcement will flow like water.
If it is left as it is, it will overflow and be automatically closed by the counter.

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Amazing. Mila’s Turnwheel is the best mechanic introduced in the last 10 years of the series.


So it’s mean if someone ever get permission from Blazer to make a remastered of his TLP, using the latest build as based is not possible?