FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

If you do not want to be remodeled, you will encrypt the ROM.
ROM can not be completely prevented from being deciphered, but it can raise the difficulty of remodeling.

However, I hope that when your hack is released, I will release material data used for hacks with a free license.
For example, if you release your data with the license of CC-BY-NC of Creative Commons, the modified FE com-munity will develop further.

Anyone can use this data freely.
However, it is a license that clearly states the author’s name of the data, and that it does not use commercial use.
Creative Commons is a free license widely adopted also in wikipedia etc.

You can use it by writing an 8-byte character string called CC-BY-NC.
Also, those who use illegal data of CC-BY-NC will be a barrier to discouraging illegal use, as it will make creative commons to the enemy.

The remodeled FE is built on the analysis techniques of the predecessors.
If possible, please do not forbid and monopolize, but please open it as free data and contribute to remodel FE com-munity, i hope.


First of all, since I want to check the current state, please send me report.
“MENU”-> “File” -> “Create Report Issue”

We hope it can be repaired, but if it is impossible, I will restart over from backup.

FEBuilderGBA always backs up before writing to ROM.
I think there is a 7z compressed backup in the directory containing ROM.
From that backup, please try again.

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Is there a way to remove the glowy animation in the upper part of the status screen?

Go to “patch” and search for “Animation in the upper part of the status screen”. Import an image with the same size, but with just solid blue (you can export the one that’s already there and just use the background color from that one)

Wow didn’t think it’d be that easy. Thanks!

Finished the first 10 chapters of my game. The game is supposed to have several routes, and I was wondering- how I can I call the route split? Is it hard-coded to chapter 9?

This guide tells you how to call it and extend the commands, but I don’t know how to program yet

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Is there a way to implement hold items (like the Hoplon Guard) that give stats and/or growth rate bonuses?

I’ve tried adding a stat boost address to a new item but that doesn’t seem to work, I’m guessing it’s because the stat boost address is for usable items?

You don’t equip items in the gba games except for weapons. I haven’t been able to get it to work myself, even when I gave them a stat boosting effects.

Please use the “Add Event: Split Menu” Patch.
You can call the CallEventMenu Command from the event.

The number of the selected menu is stored in memory slot C.
Make a branch with the value of memory slot C.

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Please use “Growth_Mod” Patch.

After applying this patch, set 1 in + 0x22 bytes of the item table.
Then secure the statbooster area of the item.

This patch extends the size of the statbooster so that you can set a growth rate bonus.

However, this patch is very unique.

Normally, statbooster is only 0x0C in size.
This patch processes 0x10 as a statbooster region only when Item +0x22 is set to 1.

If you make a mistake in using it, it will destroy the existing data, so be careful.

One question, It is about FE7, I have reppointed my character list before using Febuilder, but, It turns out Febuilder does not recognize the new address of my character list, it just uses the default address, how can I fix this?

Does the Growth_Mod patch apply improved growths only while the item is equipped or does it work while the item is in your inventory?

Can you use it to make usable items give growth rate bonuses (other than Metis’ Tome’s effect)?

In the case of FE 7 U, FEBuilderGBA will process the address written in the 0x9A274 pointer as a list of characters.

unit_pointer() { return 0x9A274; }

Did you not rewrite 0x9A274 when you pointed?
FEBuilderGBA refers to pointers referenced by LDR.
This is because all LDR reference pointers need to be rewritten when re-pointing.

Please send me report 7z.
I want to see your ROM.

I am not the author of this patch, so I do not know about the details.

Even if I set it to 6C “Vulnerary”, growth rate correction works.
Therefore, I think that it is effective only by keeping it.

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Hello7743, can you transplant the patches showing growth rate to FE8J?

Please write the URL of the patch.

He is on the thirteenth floor.

Can you make a counter for a person’s ability and occupation? Because the actual ability is character + career, it takes a game to see how much, and it would be nice if we could get the result in the modification.

I have some messy data.

I wonder if I could help you.

World map menu AC1A0C fe8J
Their format is the same.

HP in combat
FE8J 0x052214 enemy
FE8J 0x052224 Our army

If you change it to 63, you can display 99 of HP

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These are the data I collected from the great God on the forum.
I calculated the address of FE8J with pointer computing tool.

Moving force

One is the upper limit.
One is the ability bar.

Devil weapon effect
0802B5F8 1F

I made some patches, I don’t know how to upload them here.

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