FE Bloodlines

Hello i’m looking for play fire emblem bloodlines because i played it even if it’s not finished i loved it. but there’s no links of it anymore on forum etc… does someone have it maybe please ?


I’m guessing Ghast gave FEU the shaft.

Just checked, damn, patch link on Serenes goes to an empty drop box.

you don’t have it or nobody have the folder of it with the rom inside so i can play it ?

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No ROMs here. Only patches.

If the patch is down contact the author. Maybe it was taken down on purpose, maybe he just didn’t notice, asking other people to distribute the work is, I think, pretty rude.

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Ok i will do it right now thanks sir.

From what I saw on Serenes, people have been asking about the patch with no response since late last year?
October, just checked, not only that the topic is now locked.

I’dunno, for what it’s worth I feel it’s fine if people wanna share the patch if they have it, kinda weird to gatekeep a work of art or be all “if you didn’t get it before the author decided to pull it then bad luck”.

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I had it before but it’s been a long moment and i had to change the computer and the previously one with data inside etc… completely erased because of an explosion inside but it happend a long time ago when Ghast’s project got released.

He has an active youtube channel, you can try messaging him there