FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

You would need to upload your animation files separately; I don’t think anyone has any interest in joining your server, downloading the game, and ripping the animation themselves to upload.

It’s in a zip file in the animations text channel, I thought the link takes you straight there.

Please just link the actual zip file instead of a discord server link.

Ok, but where do I host it? Google Drive isn’t an option for me it’s full. Idk how to link to a specific message in the repository additions on the repo server

Mediafire, dropbox; a lot of free options out there.

Or Google Drive. I usually put my stuff through there in before I got a direct access.

Added. Thanks for suggestion.

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I uploaded a file to Mediafire without registering. It says account unregistered accounts are abandoned after 14 days of inactivity. Do you know if the upload remain or not?

Sry for double post. Did not understand how to reply to two messages within one post.

You can still host a file on Discord if you don’t like using other services. Just post a file on a channel, then right-click the file name, and click on “Copy Link” in the pop up, then post the link here, and it will be a direct download link to that file, and users won’t need to join your Discord Server. I belive 7743 does this often.

I recommend you do the Discord method too.

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But also. You can just make another Google account JUST for gosting files, or use Dropbox. No shame or anything. Just an FYI for the future.

Yeah thats what I thought I had done.
Oh well dropbox is easy enough I had just never used it.

You cannot host files from Discord anymore, as of a while ago now the links expire within 24 hours when posted outside of Discord itself.


Oh, that is good to know, then. @Brober you should use Dropbox in that case.

Hey, I wanted to ask about this part on the revised announcement for crediting. So far in individual art threads, artists usually showcase both f2e works as well as comms like “mug a made for project X not f2e f2u” is this form of post under or outside of the terms given? Also does this announcement apply to animators as well
(P.S this is not an argument against or for this statement, I just think it’d be beneficial to ask for more clarification)

I’m late to clarify, but it’s weird. When accessed externally, Discord download links won’t work. But if the same link is reposted in Discord and clicked in-app, it’ll function as expected. All links stay valid, but only if you click them in Discord. It really…defeats the purpose of expiring links since the links don’t actually expire.

Just pointing it out for anyone who doesn’t know.

The credit policy applies equally to all artistic assets.

We’ll get back to you on whether a standalone showcase “made for project using f2e parts, not f2x” is valid.

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To anyone questioning why the portrait repo wasn’t updated for a while:
Yes, it wasn’t. But there’s a good reason for that that if everything goes right you’ll see pretty soon.


At last, Samus Aran, as well as Sam from Death Stranding, can have properly implemented backstories in FEHacks.


hi, can you tell me which AP is suitable for it? I tried every available AP in FE6 but none of them worked. Thank !

Are you sure about this? I am asking for clarification.
I checked my year old links, and still take me to the discord Repo thread.