FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

Just a heads up. @JeyTheCount just added every single portrait from the main topic, and the last two CCC’s, to the Repo.

You can access them and all the other portraits here.




Just wanted to post in regards to the leif custom animation by Obsidian Daddy. The unarmed animation’s palette does match the sword palette. Current working on fixing this!


All the Larceis created in the CCC were named as Ayra… I know the only difference between them is the length of their hair, but I mention it anyway.

And I’m sure this Seliph is from @Garytop


…it happened again?
whoever is managing those files should check my galleries to see what’s mine and what isn’t, because at this rate we’re bound to have troubles with credits soon or later, and i’d rather avoid that entirely if possible.

besides, after checking the repo yesterday, i’ve seen that there’s plenty of old mugs that have not been updated with their latest fixes, so that’s another thing to consider.
also, instead of having 3~4 different versions of the same mug from the same artist, it would probably be better to have just the most recently updated one.
if people want palette variations or any other kind of custom feature, they can either do it by themself or just ask, so there’s really no need to load the repo with obsolete files, in my opinion.

in any case, i keep all my stuff in my own topic in Creative, so it’s quite easy to compare mugs side by side to see what’s been updated, and what’s actually mine.

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I think it’s a management software system problem.
Because it can’t say if you found a problem with it, you fix it yourself. (because that is not possible in the system).
So it puts more work on the admins and mistakes are made.
We have to consider troll, but I think it is enough that anyone can tag data like wikipedia, hierarchize using tags, and mention the author’s name.

I’ll fix these. How do you even get the character names wrong like that? What a silly slip-up. :laughing:

Issues happen. You report them. We fix them. Please stop freaking out, it’s a volunteer-based repo.


I’m not maintaining the repo anymore and have handed off the duties to several other people. As such, there are probably going to be little issues that slip through the cracks. If you guys see something credited incorrectly, just post here and let the maintainers know. If you had to add 4+ months worth of backlog, you’d probably slip up a few times too.

Now imagine having to do that for 50 other people, with hundreds and hundreds of mugs between all of them. This is why you should follow the submission guidelines to help ensure errors don’t slip through.

Updates soon.

wasn’t freaking out at all, just expressing my opinion.
i know mistakes can happen, but considering the amount of obsolete stuff that i’ve found, at this point i’ll just report here what needs to be changed in order to speed things up.
i was expecting just a couple of mugs at first, but after looking a bit further, sadly it’s not that simple:

Fenreir - Sophia OC Smile.pngFenreir - Sophia OC.pngFenreir-Heiken.png(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Klokinator/FE-Repo/main/Portrait%20Repository/Spriting%20Community%20OC's%20(Grouped%20by%20Artist)/Fenreir/Fenreir-Heiken.png "Fenreir-Heiken.png")Fenreir-Lancelot.pngFenreir-Rei.pngFenreir-Shin.png

those OCs up there are not updated at all, as the latest fixed versions with proper minimugs and frames are these:

Fenreir-Sophia-default Fenreir-Sophia-smile Fenreir-Lancelot

Fenreir-Shin Fenreir-Heiken Fenreir-Rei

these two are also missing, and the one named “Whitehair” actually present in the repo was named Lenn.
all my OCs have always been given names, so i have no idea what happened:

Emmeric | Lionis
Emmeric Fenreir Lionis Fenreir

and that’s that for the OCs.

now, moving on to the “other franchises” section:

Aerith {Fenreir}.pngLeon FF8 {Fenreir}.pngLeon KH {Fenreir}.pngSephiroth CC {Fenreir}.png
_Zack CC {Fenreir}Cloud (KH) {Fenreir, CranJam}Cloud (KH) {Fenreir}Noctix (FF15) {Fenreir}

all these FF VII mugs have been already updated in the repo with their latest versions, however there’s still their older versions showing up in the gallery preview. no idea why.


_Terry {Fenreir}

that is not a Final Fantasy character. that’s Terry from King of Fighters.

to conclude:

not sure if that was said in general or directed to me, but speaking for myself: i have always posted my stuff with correct naming and format exactly to avoid errors.
if things don’t get properly updated/added to the repo due to management reasons, that’s not my fault man.

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If you want to complain about portraits repo, complain about it to me. I’m in charge there and most of this is my fault. I’m sorry if something slipped, I’m still new to this.


i don’t wanna rush you guys or anything but any news on battle animations? it’s been quite a long time since last update


In fact, @Jj09 a longtime repo contributor has been smashing through battle anims. If you’re not in the repo discord, you won’t be able to see the Github Updates channel that shows all the updates he’s made recently.

Join Repocord if you want to get updates n stuff.


aaa cool cool


1st update on the battle and spell animations in the repo are finished. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I can have us all caught up.


JJ just added a shedload of animations. As for what he added, this is the best list I could come up with. Github doesn’t have a really easy way to visualize additions.


Eh its no fuss, although its nice to credit people correctly, but things take time to learn and get the hang of and we’re all only human and ultimately the purpose of submitting things to repository is for people to use them, after that people can buck wild with most things on there anyway.

It honestly its alot easier for the original aritsts to point out where things are incorrect or out of date. People just glancing at the repository aren’t always going to know immediately if something is wrong or out of date because its coverage of different medias, artists and origins is quite large.

That said here are at least things related to my own artwork I’ve picked up. I’m in no hurry for these to get fixed, but thought you guys would like to know.


Missing submissions;
CCC 10 submission
FE7 - Brave Erik
FE Erik
+Erik Halfbody
FE Erik Half Body

Repository Submission
Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga - Diana
Symphony of War - Diana (Garytop)

You guys are doing an amazing job though, keep up the good work :+1:



So I saw that this version of the bael rider is credited to me, but I don’t think it’s right to credit me on this version. Zoramine Fae’s and my original bael rider are basically completely different in terms of movements and frames so i think the primary credit here should go to Fae


But seriously tho, since you created the orginal animation and Zoramine improved upon what you have, some credit have to go to you. But I can change it so Zora’s name appears first.

But I won’t be able to change until I get home. And also Zora said to credit you lol.


that works for me, and i appreciate the sentiment haha, just didn’t feel right to be the displayed credit there ya know


Just so we’re clear…

This animation is by you, DATon?

This animation is by Zoramine?

Edit: I made executive changes to how the new monster classes are named/formatted.

Before, these were, as an example…
[Wolf-Variant] [M] Berserker Wolf Rider by Zoramine

I removed the ‘Wolf’ part of Wolf Rider, as this is already evidenced by it being a Wolf-Variant. No need to repeat a word.

In the Cavalier folder, I also did this.

If this is incorrect, lmk.

the base idea is the same, I did start making the bael rider first but Fae decided to make her own version of it, so the displayed credit on github should be on Fae for the silver cav yea