FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

@anon11008078 I’d like to ask you to reformat… well, almost everything you posted here.


Portraits: There are a massive number of them. Please subdivide them into appropriate folders that relate to the Portrait repo and make sure you are applying {Credits} to the end before the filename appropriately.

Put them in folders relating to FE1/2/3/4/etc.

For the classes, these are all randomly slapdashed into folders and need to be completely reformatted according to the Repo Formatting Standards.
There are no CREDITS.txt files in any of the folders that I saw, the folders are not named appropriately, the internal files were not exported properly, and so on.

The map sprites seem fine.

If I were to redo everything you submitted, it would probably take me 4+ hours as I’d have to do a lot of googling to figure out who to credit, what you’re referring to with half of these things, and so on. It’s more appropriate for you, the creator, to reformat them.

Thank you! I’m glad to see lots of content being added and it all looks cool, but standardization is what makes the Repo work and without it we might as well go back to the ways of the pre-2016 era. Shudder.


It’ll be put in your OC folder

In case I forgot to mention it, Class Cards and Map Sprites have their own dedicated folders in the Root Repo now.

Same structure as the Battle Animations. Working on getting previews in their root folders properly next.


@Garytop Very nice portraits! However you should add a link to a zip file containing the properly named portraits since FEU mangles the names when uploading them.

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You mean just post them in a zip file here? I’ll look into it.

Here is a link with the instructions to what I meant: Repo submission instructions

Basically it’s about how to format stuff so that it can be added easily.


This is a little bit hard to explain, but your swordmaster is very ‘jumpy’. When it moves, it slides around constantly during its frames. Observe the feet and shadow positioning carefully.

In this example, on the last frames you can see the swordmaster ‘sliding’ to the left a pixel or two. This happens all throughout the animation.


Thanks for pointing that out, I think i fixed it a bit in this update

I got rid of the one at the start of the shift into basic attack, magic attack and changed the slide back and forth for the crit into just a slide back
I updated the gif and dropbox link on the main thread


Like so?

Dropbox Link

dope anim bro

What exactly is going on with these frames of… head jitters?

I mean the swordmaster dodge frames are head jittery at that pace :confused:

but I’ll update it to move her foot a little like the vanilla swordmaster’s

EDIT: Now she can shuffle that foot and jitter like the classics;


Hah, I never noticed those dodge frames. TIL.

I’ll add this to the repo hopefully in my next round of merges. I’m still behind but not by too much.



Are you see song7z?
I don’t think you need to spend time converting known songs.

Of course, you are free to create your own version.


Oh i see, one question where i can find the latest version of the song repository? I think that some of what i did where not do it yet?? Anyway its still a good exercise specially if is a song that i like a lot :slight_smile:

No posting without asking the creator, please.

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I found a Camilla battle animation on youtube



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I think it depends on how much you want to improve and fix this mug. I can see it was spliced from at least Fae and Sonia, which is why I think the ear is a bit messed up in terms of shape in relation to her head. She also has a a fair amount of shading issues, most notably around where hte hair meets the top of her head (making her look kinda bald), and her ear where most characters normally have bangs/sideburns. I’m also not sure why you have single pixel line sticking out the side of her hat when it looks like you cut it to fit the hack box.

Also I noticed that her outline colour isnt consistent amongst her hair and hat, sometimes its using the darkest skin shade colour, other times its using the outline colour.

Also if you wanted a spare colour, you could use the darkest hair shade for her eyes since that seems to be a 4th green separate from the hair. I’m not sure you can re fit the hat into the hack box without re angling entirely, but you could certainly re fit the bow on it by angling the 2nd part of it upward, although I don’t know if you spliced that from something else.

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I Kent believe it either.