FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

I can’t add an animation sheet to the Repo. It needs to be formatted for GBA.

You can ask other animators for help. They might teach you how to format for FEBuilder insertion.

You can join the FEU discord server to ask in the Spritans channel for help on that subject.


wow,can you recolor Innes ? thanks a lot

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Alright and Thanks!

Wow that looks amazing, good job!

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Thank you for properly formatting this submission, 7743 :slight_smile:

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This submission is not properly formatted. Please refer to my guide.

I cannot use the Dump All from FEBuilder because it removes the 32 Color Mode for some reason. However, I went through everything else you have there. The link should be the same.

I’ll take a look. It may not have carried over.

can you recolor Innes ? thanks a lot

This isn’t a request thread, please don’t repost the same request 3 times. You’re welcome to download the animation and recolor it yourself.


Ahhhhhhh, this gonna be useful for when you want to translate a ROM and the description of classes get to big.


how do you use them?

Just import them via the font editor under letters you don’t use like Ü or ^.

Huh, didn’t know. I’ve seen them in one hack, but thought they weren’t released outside of it. Well, I needed icons for fire, wind and thunder anyway.


If you’re asking how to use the narrowfont ones, if you’re using FEBuilder you can type in the icon you want in brackets, and it will display in game. As in, if you want the Sword Icon, type [SwordIcon] in the text editor. If the text turns blue, you did it right.

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Important:" If you’re posting a character from… something… please state what it is.

“Alphen” doesn’t tell me anything. I don’t know every character from every Fire Emblem game, and I definitely don’t know every character from every non-Fire Emblem property.

I googled and figured out he was from Tales of Arise, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to google for that, let alone for other characters.

Edit: I just realized Fenreir mentioned Tales of Arise in the post. I thought it was unrelated, just a random statement until I googled while writing this herp.

There are some other mugs that have been posted where I had to google about them though, like Jemmie.

Thanks! Great mug submissions.


The PR was a one-click solution for me. Thanks for the addition!

It would require more clicks if it was formatted improperly, but you followed the repo’s guidelines, so it worked great!

PS: For anyone who doesn’t know…

I made a post about using the Repo, one which includes a Contributor section at the bottom. It’ll teach you how to submit animations through a Pull Request.


you can repair the version of the sword so that it does not have errors when changing the colors?

A Master Ranger Class? That’s a class crazy enough to work.

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I added this to the repo, updated your PR, and updated it again just to be sure. Thanks for formatting this properly.



There was an image like a blueprint, so I processed it and created it.
Since the original is in the public domain, this image should also be in the public domain.

Original image:

If you erase Bruce Partington’s name and write in any name you like, you may be able to use it as a prop for your game.
This image is in the public domain and does not claim any rights, so you are free to use it.