FE 8; Show melee wep ranks and allow magic

Essentially the title; can you make the game show Physical weapon ranks while still allowing them to use magic? Any time I’ve tried to give magic ranks to units, their menus only show their magic ranks. With the ways I want to change magic, them not having weapon ranks at all is viable.

Side question; is is possible to lock staves/items? Traditional weapon locks don’t see to work for either.

Since you are working with Fire Emblem 8, you can use the “Limit Weapon Rank Display” patch. That will allow weapons and magic to both show. Alternatively, there is also a “Display All 8 Weapon Ranks” patch which does exactly what the name implies. To my knowledge there is no way to show both weapons and magic in vanilla. And I don’t know anything about locking those unfortunately.

I’ve used both of those patches in the past and I’ve run into bugs with other patches I’m dead-set on. I’ll try them out again to test but otherwise I was asking knowing they were likely unviable options.

I actually also had a bug where “Limit Weapon Rank Display” didn’t work, but apparently uninstalling it and reinstalling it worked? There is some kind of incompatibility with “SkillSystems” that caused the bug for me.