Fe 7 Vs Fe 8 hacking

My opinion is that fe 8 is the superior engine to hack. I want hear everyone’s argument for which game is better to hack.

FE7: more well documented, actual working world map events, slightly superior sound engine for some reason

FE8: everything else is better


That is all completely true

This topic used to be a lot more divisive, but the general consensus has shifted toward FE8 as the standard engine. FE7 will always have a place in my heart due to the relative ease compared to FE8 hacking. But now that people are supporting FE8, any shortcomings can be rectified and the advantages are far greater than the downside.


FUNTASTIC FACT: possibly the most minor engine-related nitpick that I have is that in FE8, when you hit R to open a unit’s profile, you can’t immediately do anything (e.g. open the Help bubble, move from personal data to items, etc) for several frames. This pause doesn’t exist in FE7 or 6.

For actual gameplay, though, FE8 is better. Split promos and an actual world map that everyone is too afraid of touching!


grumble grumble it just took the hacking community like 10 years to figure out this clearly obvious truth


Wait, then why was FE7 hacked first? Was it because it had easier-to-decipher code or just by random chance that FE7 was decided on and people just started looking into it first?

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Well, FE7 came out first. FE8 only came out a few years later but people thought it was too hard to hack. My problem isn’t even that people kept working on FE7, it’s that when the ASM renaissance came, they still kept working on it.

Oh well, better late than never.


Real talk: FE7 was modded first because people liked Eliwood/Hector/Lyn and shit. That’s the main reason.

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It was largely to do with Blazer’s tutorial, which was entirely FE7-centric, and then all the event tutorials were made for FE7 too. In fact, there doesn’t exist any complete FE8 event tutorial, so Luddites like me are still stuck in the hacking Dark Age, so to speak.

Plus I don’t think we have FE8 world map events yet and am quite reluctant to switch over until we get those working.


When people make tools for one game and not the other, people mod one game and not the other.

I’m still using Fe7 because I’m not gonna port my mod over. That’s over 20 chapters of stuff. Not to mention music, animations, and the like.
That’s just dumb


@InvdrZim13 soon?

That sounds like effort. I just tell them to read yours but check my stuff for the fe8 events.

Mainly because if I did one I’d just copy paste your stuff but change it to be fe8 terms.

I’m pretty sure @circleseverywhere knows things about world map events for 8

That’s what I was thinking. I just had a discussion about this with someone recently and it got me curious to hear other people’s opinions.

True that.

I’m still playing with fe8 hacking and hoping I don’t break anything… Fe 7 on the other hand I can hack with relative ease.

Better than nothing. It will still be a great reference for people to go regardless if it’s just Arch’s tutorial translated to fe8

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To answer the question, though, while FE8 is objectively a better engine, I’m probably not going to fully swap from FE7 for the sole reason of god-damn if i have to re-memorize all the relevant RAM addresses

Ok I’m sorry