FE 7 Project Ember - Has anyone made a FE 7 hack similar to FE 6 Project Ember?

Good morning FE community! I really enjoyed playing FE 6 Project Ember and was wondering if there’s a hack with the same concept but for FE 7.

Has anyone looked into producing it?

I’d gladly play FE 7 Project Ember if it ever gets produced and if anyone is interested in creating it, I’d be available to help.

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look here

unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in rebalancing FE7 compared to 6 or 8, it’s just kinda one of those games that doesn’t need fixing but isn’t the best either.

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Thank you for your response to my request. But isn’t FE 6 Project Ember a Re-Skin? I don’t really consider it a rebalance since rebalanced hacks tend to keep the same look as the vanilla version. I see rebalanced hacks like enhanced or tweaked vanilla versions.


I’d say it’s a split down the middle, I believe the main goal of the hack was to rebalance the game, make some units better, nerf some and stuff like that, that would make it more like a rebalance with graphical improvements. I believe most re-skins don’t change gameplay all too much.

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I’m working on my own balance patch, but I wont get your hopes up, I’m new to this and the scope of my project is nowhere near Project Ember. If you really want something that makes big changes to the game, I guess Mangs’ patch is the closest thing you can find - like, he even added Leila as a playable character and etc…


I don’t recommend supporting this man, no matter how good or bad the hack is.

I’m afraid to ask… But why?

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Drop the topic. We do not talk about Mangs here.



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How big interms of changes are we talking about? Project Ember had custom animations, personal weapon-spam and even some changes to the lore. Would all of these have to be present to be considered a counterpart or just some of them?

After playing FE 6 Project Ember, I can tell that whoever created it drew inspiration from my hack Fire Emblem The Binding Blade Extreme & other re-skin-rebalance hacks.

I’m very experienced with FE Builder. I’ll probably create my own FE 7 Project Ember hack for my personal use which will have a combination of assets from FE 6 Project Ember & my own hack Fire Emblem The Binding Blade Extreme. However before I resort to that I was wondering if FE Universe might have an FE 7 hack that’s like FE 6 Project Ember. That’s why I asked here, prior of putting in the work of making my own.

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There was a Project Anima that had some steam for awhile, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair in a few months

I am making one like this.It is going to be a kaizo type of hack but it is inspired from project ember so u might see a lot of similarities.If u want u check the demo I guess. (Fe7 Kaizo)


Awesome. I’ll check it out.

I can give the answer, my dc Laura<3#7972

If u want u can be a part of this hack as we’re looking for members.

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There is actually one in progress called Project Anima. I saw some videos on YouTube by JBR awhile ago but I heard to try it out you have to join the discord server.

I dont know of its current progress though.

Project anima isn’t complete