FE 7 HHM prepromotes and lords only

Hi, earlier today a few friends and I were talking about challenge runs for FE and this one was brought up. So I figured I might as well give it a try.

Here are the rules:

  1. The only units allowed are the three main lords and prepromoted units (Just as the title states)
    Thieves are not allowed
  2. Must be played on Hector Hard Mode however Lyn Mode can be played through beforehand(Not sure if the game would be possible with out a beefed up Lyn anyway)
  3. Stat boosters and other helpful items are still allowed
    4.Dancers,Bards and Merlinus are allowed(Dancers are technically prepromoted)
    5.Play every gaiden chapter(If possible)

I will be playing through Lyn mode but I find no point in documenting all of her chapters since none are difficult and Lyn and Nils are the only usable characters.
Not that it matters but here is a picture of both Lyn and Nils at the end of Lyn’s part.

Her Defense will be problematic later down the road.

Nils stats don’t really matter that much tbh. [/details]
Now that that’s out of the way let’s begin the actual challenge.

[details=Chapter 11:RNGesus]
Hector is going to need to survive an entire wave of enemies all by his lonesome, let’s wish him luck he’ll need it.

Going to start by having Hector attack from the pillar, too bad he is just shy one one rounding his foe.

Hector is having a hard time hitting the archers, and the rest of the enemies are closing in.

Hector manages to thin out their numbers and gets rewarded with an all defensive level up. The theive is now also going after the chest with the red gem.

All that now remains is the thieve and knight, Hector is starting to take a real beating.

Lucky this guy drops vulneraries,which we will need A LOT OF. Did I mention that I won’t be getting my first healer until Pent joins.

Hector crits the knight keeping him from sustaining any further damage, and the thieve is now trying to break through the north wall to escape.

In other news Hector leveled up again.

Hector deals with the enemies in the north and gets a second set of vulneraries. Not sure what the thieve is up to.

RIP Red Gem 2003-2003

Great level Hector,now all that is left is the boss.

Who Hector completely obliterates.

He sure is a strong boy.

Next up: Chapter 12: The Ginger and the God[/details]


Ah. I did a prepromote-only run of FE8 Ephraim hard mode and it was stupidly easy until I got to Lagdou to get the rest of the bonus characters. It suddenly became very difficult. Good luck!