FE 7/8 Animations

I have to admit I suck at art and I have no idea how sprites are setup (Sacred Stones is different from FE7).

I always find downloads with all sprites in one image. Then I have no idea how to break them up into multiple images to load separately.

If anyone has any FE7 lords, dragons, athos nergal animations and map sprites ready to be inserted into Sacred Stones (Already broken up, Like say eliwood1, eliwood 2 or however it works) please post if possible.

I would appreciate any mugs or artwork from 7 ready to be inserted into FE8.

I really do suck at art and am afraid I will cut pixels off when separating my Athos.gif into the several different animations.


Just go into the portrait editor in feditor and dump the mugs you want, then reinsert them into fe8.

Well the thing is I tried that and when Gilliam appeared in a chat in FE7 he had an extra mouth a little above and to the right of his mouth? It was flashing repeatedly?
I’m hoping that’s only bc it is Gilliam’s new mug in an older game. Hopefully an older mug works in a newer game.

Click and drag the eyes and mouth into position after you insert them in FEditor.

Could you link me to any more of those or a guide to making them? And do I need to worry about those “file” files and data files? Thanks a lot by the way.

I can just dump the files for 7 in Feditor can’t I…

dump from source ROM and insert into destination ROM