FE 4 Portraits based on Official Arts (The worst portraits you'll find)

Hi guys, inspired on how hard Melia and other people here work to create the awesome portraits the make, and due to some lack of consistency with the portraits I’m using in my remake project, I started making some myself… God how bad I am at this… but well with some practice and help I think we can have some good portraits.

This are the gradients I’ll be using (all extracted colour by colour from FE8 portraits)
Portrait Gradients

So, this here are the official art works I’ll be using –
1st Generation
Aideen Alec Alva Arden Arvis1 Ayra Azel Beowulf Brigit Byron Chagall Claude Deirdre Dew Eldigan Erynis Ethlyn Eva Eve Finn1 Holyn Jamke Kinbois Langbalt Lewyn1 Lex Midir Noish Oifaye1 Quan Rachesis Rahna Reptor Sandima ShannanKid Sigurd Sylvia Tailtyu Travant1

2nd Generation
Altenna Amid Areonne
Ares Arthur Arvis2 Asaello Ced Corple Daisy Deirmund Dimna Faval Femina Finn2 Hannibal Hawk Ishtar Janne Johalva Johan Lana Larcey Laylea Leen Leif Lester Lewyn2 Linda Manna Nanna Oifaye2 Patty Phee Rad Rod Seliph
Shannan2 Sharlow Teeny Travant Tristan Ulster Yuria Yurius

And this horrible arts here are me trying to do some decent conversion to GBA format. I’ve taken huge reference and help from other spriters here so I could know how to shade the hair and faces of some of them… and for Alec I had to use Kyle’s face (FE8) 'cause I couldn’t make his face seem like a face xD I’m still working on his turbant.

AideenPortrait AlecPortrait AlvaFE4Portrait ArdenPortrait AzelPortrait ByronPortrait ChagallPortrait ClaudePortrait EthlynPortrait EvaPortrait EvePortrait FinnPortrait LangbaltPortrait LexPortrait MidirPortrait NoishPortrait Oifaye1Portrait QuanPortrait ReptorPortrait SandimaPortrait

Hair and face shading based on Atey’s portrait.

Hair and face based on Vampire Elf’s Travant and Arvis, respectively.

Thanks to Beccarte, BoneManSeth and TheeBill for their help with Arvis’, Arden’s and Oifaye’s hair, respectively, and to all the LT community that’s been helping me with their critiques.

Hope you like them, anyhelp fixing them a bit is accepted and thanked, as you can see there’s a huge way to go to make them look great enough.


These look pretty good! Definitely better than what I’ve tried to do in the past. I’m not much of an artist, but I’ll try to give some advice.

Alec looks mostly fine, but his Turban looks more like Jamke’s bandana than anything else. I think it you should look at character’s robes, like Arvis’s, for guidance. You might also just need to put a little less shading around it since it’s mostly white in the official art anyways. As for his armor, maybe just add an extra shade of dark green on the outer rim if you can.

Arvis’s armor and hair look pretty good, but his face is a little strange. Maybe try to round it out around the chin and add a little more white to his eyes. Also, try experimenting with the colors a bit to see if you can make them blend into each other better.

Noish looks really good. His neck extends out a little too far to the left, but that’s a simple fix. His armor is mostly good, but maybe just change the shading a bit on the center piece.

Sigurd looks great, I don’t have anything to critique here.

Arden looks very strange. Which means you succeeded! It looks very accurate to his official art. 10/10, would give him the Pursuit Ring.

Hopefully someone can give better advice than me, but I really like the look of these portraits. Good luck with your project!

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Thanks!! Yeah, that Turban, Arvis eyes, and Noish neck are quite wierd… not like Arden, I had a lot of laughing with the Lex Talionis Community as I posted the progress of it and BoneManSeth helped me fixing his hair and a bit the shades, he’s the weirdest character ever made in FE, i think. Thanks for the critiques.

Ok I think I’ve made some progress with Arvis eyes, Noish neck and Alec Turban
NoishPortrait AlecPortrait ArvisPortrait

And, thanks to TheeBill for his help, here we have a preview of Oifaye:


Ok I’m trying my best with the shades, I swear, but this is he best I can do for you Midir:


So, I have a little question for y’all and this form to answer it… Should I use 1 face for the triplets Eve, Eva and Alva??

Well, 66% of you guys asked Eva, Eve and Alva to have their own portraits… and this is the poor outcome I have for you

EvaPortrait EvePortrait AlvaPortrait

In some point I’ll fix them, those eye shadings and hair are just scary awful…


So… I forgot to add some blinking to Oifaye’s portrait, so, with huge help of beccarte here we have a great update for his eyes


Ahh… I needed a rest and today I came back with a little fix in Midir’s skin pallette (his neck and face had different pallettes) and Azel’s new portrait!!
MidirPortrait AzelPortrait


I’ll leave this Finn here and run…

Soon --> Quan and Aideen (I’m struggling with their scarf and ribbon, respectively)


BoneManSeth has been working quite hard these days and today suprised me with this awesome new version of Arden’s portrait!! He’s got a lot of talent!!


And as promised --> Here we have Quan!! (maybe one day I’m able to finish Aideen’s ribbon and publish her too ??)


And… I had to find another art to take reference from so I could do the part of the kind-of-ribbon-or-something-like-that, and finally we have Aideen here (surely will need to fix that part later, but right now I think works good enough)


I think I need to work a little more on his eyes, but Byron’s ready to deliver Tyrfing to us!!


Ethlyn’s ready too :smiley: I also have something that seems like Sandima, but I’m working on his robe… maybe when I do Chpt 2 of my remake I’ll have it ready…


Claude, like Eva, is in my opinion one of the most challenging portraits because of the perspective… mostly because of the eyes and the darker side of the face (FE6 helps a lot with this second part, but still hard from the nose and above)… I need to work on my mantel-drawing capabilities:


Agh those robes will kill me one of this days… and I’ll have the same problem when doing Langbalt…


Lex is ready and axe in hand to kick some asses


WoW!! That’s all I can say about Langbalt clothes… Thanks to PretWantBite I made it to realize how to shade it:
(Little spoiler, I’ll be using this new mug format in my FE4-5 remake, I still have to fix the others)


I like how Reptor’s chin is a bit more normal on his art than in his original portrait