Favourite/Most memorable minor bosses from FE6, FE7 & FE8

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Greetings, people from FEU.

The name’s Gunnar, and I bring you a little question: Who are your five favourite/most memorable minor bosses from FE6, FE7 & FE8? You know, the likes of Bazba, Batta, Debias, Bug, O’Neill, etc…

Bosses that are only seen or fought in one chapter and are overall not that relevant to the main story. Now, why this question, you could wonder? I been lately thinking in making a hack where you could play as these characters, and since I don’t really want to include EVERY minor boss in each of these games, I would like to read who of these are more “popular” (or at least, the characters that would be more funny to play as).

With all of this said, I hope you can share your opinion and votes. Because of the limit of the the poll, I will make three for each game, so you can vote for five in each one.
Thanks for your time.

Minor Bosses Polls

FE6 Minor Bosses
  • Damas
  • Rude
  • Slater
  • Erik
  • Dory
  • Wagner
  • Debias
  • Henning
  • Scott
  • Nord
  • Oro
  • Robarts
  • Zinc
  • Scouran
  • Morgan
  • Ain
  • Gelero
  • Randy
  • Maggie
  • Rose
  • Ohtz
  • Raeth
  • Windham
  • Martel
  • Sigune
  • Teck
  • Monke
  • Kel
  • Thoril
  • Brakul
  • Kudoka
  • Maral
  • Kabul
  • Chan
  • Pereth

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FE7 Minor Bosses
  • Batta the Beast
  • Zugu
  • Glass
  • Migal
  • Carjiga
  • Bug
  • Bool
  • Heintz
  • Beyard
  • Yogi
  • Eagler
  • Wire
  • Groznyi
  • Zagan
  • Boies
  • Puzon
  • Sealen
  • Bauker
  • Damian
  • Zoldam
  • Aion
  • Teodor
  • Cameron
  • Oleg
  • Eubans
  • Paul
  • Jasmine
  • Pascal
  • Maxime
  • Georg
  • Kaim
  • Denning

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FE8 Minor Bosses
  • O’Neill
  • Bauker
  • Bone
  • Bazba
  • Zonta
  • Novala
  • Murray
  • Binks
  • Gheb
  • Beran
  • Aias
  • Carlyle

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Kel. He’s one of those sympathetic one-shot bosses like Mustafa, Pheros etc. He also has crazy high stats on Hard, and is infamously tough.

HP: 49-52
STR: 19-20
SKL: 26-28
SPD: 26-28
LCK: 13-15
DEF: 12-14
RES: 15-16
CON: 9
Gains +30 Crit from Swordmaster class, 3 DEF, 20 Avo, 10% HP restoration from Gate.

A boss with over 80 Avoid and is immune to the Triangle Attack due to gates being gates. He can ORKO Perceval with a double crit and avoids being doubled by Rutger while OHKO’ing back with a crit. Not even Melady can break 50% hit on a Killer Lance without supports. Pretty much the only thing he could have gotten to make him stronger is a Runesword so he can crit you at range.


O’Neil will always have a soft spot in my heart, but a boss with an epic name that has stuck with me forever is Glass!

Another nothing boss you only face if you choose Ephraim’s route. He’s the Merc leader you steal Amelia from, and I believe you face him in the first level you do without Eirika.

He’s really nothing special, but I love his name so much XD

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That first boss on Ephraim’s route is Gheb. Glass is the Mercenary from Lyn Mode who wants to steal the Mani Katti, who proclaims himself the greatest swordsman ever or something like that.


You right, I don’t know how I got that mixed up lol.
It’s clearly been too long since I’ve played Vanilla FE XD

I think you should probably just make a google form/survey with all the minor bosses, and have people vote. That way you’d more easily see who’s the most popular.
That being said.

Damas, Heinz, Rory, Debias, Leygance, Kel, Monke, Denning, Oats, Orlo, Ein

Batta, Glass, Bug, Groznyi, Damian, Uhai, Eric

O’Neil, Bone, Bazba, CH4 generic Entombed, Murray, Zonta, Gheb, Binks


Oh, a game where you can recruit that specific Entombed from chapter 4? Sign me up!


Ah, never thought about that. Maybe I should had posted three polls with each minor boss from each of the games. But, oh, well…

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You can still do it now. It’s not that hard and would potentially give you more responses and an easier way to see them.

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monke is hilarious, but kel is honestly one of the more memorable ones. as mentioned earlier, he’s a pretty difficult fight. not many minor bosses can earn that kind of reputation


Honestly, I think Bazba is underrated as a boss. He’s just kinda neat, and has the swagger that a proper bandit boss should have lol.


I would one hundred percent agree, that out of all the bandit leaders we’ve seen in FE, Bazba is the one with the best “Boss” energy. Definitely tried my best to channel that energy for my bandit boss in my game haha


As funny as Monke is, what’s even funnier is when you try to have a high-DEF unit juggernaut through the Nomad swarm alone like Bors, Barthe, Melady etc and you just have like 2 dozen Nomads and Nomad Troopers crowding that one unit that they just can’t kill.

The entombed is jack shit. Despite being a boss, it has literally NO personal bases, being statistically identical to the class bases of a Lv1 Entombed, which is still a humorous:

HP: 35
STR: 3
SKL: 0
SPD: 1
LCK: 0
DEF: 0
RES: 0

My bets are on the Ch11A Deathgoyle.


Fe6 damas bc his name is literally dumbass or monke bc monke

Fe7 Maxime for just showing up and having literally zero dialogue and not having a stupid name with stupid lines like Batta or Glass ugh they’re awful

Fe8 for early FE “funny” people Gheb for being the most disgusting and comically evil minor boss in existence that people will never let die

But for people who don’t like gross bosses Carlyle for having an actual impact on the story and tying into FE8’s core theme of loss and how people handle loss.


You’re about to die

Scream if you must


Wire has been my favorite ever since I saw that one guy make the “If chess had Fire Emblem reinforcements” video

One I find interesting is Erik, because despite he being an enemy in both FE 6 and 7, Roy still seens surprised by his betrayal and even the citizens in Binding Blade seens more outraged by the fact Laus is siding with Bern rather than fear and hate of the Marquess himself. I like how it can be kinda of implied how Erik was kinda of a decent Marquess, at least best than Darin.

I also like Batta the Beast, he’s just great. He also has a less popular cousin who is a member of the Black Fang. Shame his cousin is not a boss or anything.

Glass also has his epic “The Gods fear my name!” Line. I mean not even some of the late game bosses have this level of confidence.

Flaer is another one I find interesting. I mean the dude had a dragon under his command in the Western Isles and that’s pretty badass, but I also feel kinda bad for him, because he was pretty much left to die by Narcian and instead of surrendering or betraying Bern he just accepts his fate and fights to the very end. It’s also kinda cool how he also has an unique portrait too.

Eagler too is pretty epic. He is pretty much the Camus of Lyn Mode, but we never learn anything about him or how Lundgren made him fight Lyn against his will. His portrait for some reason also reminds me of Erik’s portrait in FE 6 too.

I also love bosses who use this portrait, it’s looks so silly:

Edit: Nord is kinda of a funny one too, just because you can make a “Skyrim belongs to the Nords!” Joke.


I guess the Erik part can be explained by the fact that the developers didn’t plan FE7 yet (or at least, Erik’s inclusion), so he didn’t had any bad records when F6 came out. But yeah, it could be also explained that after he became marquess he stayed out of trouble.

And about Batta’s cousin, well… I don’t think that his recolor was meant to be related to him, but is always funny to think that characters that share a portrait are related somehow (even Monke and his six clones)


Tirado not being listed is downright cruel. Too important compared to minor bosses like Saar and Murray, but not important enough to be votable here or in Choose Your Legends. Alas, such is my plight as Tirado’s strongest soldier :pensive: