Favourite FE Hack/Fangame Survey

Exactly what the title says, just doing a quick survey of favourite FE hacks and fangames of active players in the community. There’s absolutely zero scientific method to it, but it’d be cool if you gave a quick minute to fill out.

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The post feels a little too barren, so here is a meaningless line.
Fire Emblem


omg so true and real


I’ve cast my vote, and in doing so have come to the realisation I haven’t actually played all that many hacks to completion beyond one-chapter contest entries. I’ve come up with ten, but factoring out hacks I didn’t like and sticking an asterisk on hacks I’ve contributed to in some way, I only got to eight.

Darr's votes

The Last Promise
The Road to Ruin
Elibian Nights
The Second Scouring
Time for Tom
I’ve contributed to so pinch of salt:
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure
FE4 Binary

List isn’t sorted beyond order of recall. I’ve played a few more, but I never actually finished them.


While the placements jumble around a bit these are my overall

Top 10 Hacks

Storge - Neat concept with fun enough story and units, it’s also real short so it won’t take up much of your time if you want to try something neat.

The Princess’s Lament -A good rewrite of FE8 that both keeps the spirit of the original and expands it with maps, story, characters and character, also does really good army switching

Host of the Dark -A good 2 act hack with an engaging story and fun game-play, a little rough in places however it is still a great experience, with clear passion behind it.

Order of the Crimson Arm -Fairly simple FE7 hack, stands out with an avatar, and some memorable chapters. However presentationally it does get rough towards the end but is still enjoyable and fully playable, I’m very nostalgic for this one as it was one of if not the first hack I ever played

The Last Promise -The classic, while aged I find it holds up decently, I even think the story while not great, and a little cheesy, can also handle it’s weight so to speak, being only a bit below FE7 in it’s quality and is an enjoyable romp regardless

Souls of the Forrest -A great gameplay experience with a focus on high numbers and tight map design, with an engaging story, unfortunately only one route is completed, but, fortunately one route is completed.

Sacred Echoes -A beautifully presented demake of FE15 with much custom content, really calling it a demake is almost insulting, not much more to say here if you like FE15 give it a shot it won’t be the same experience but it is a love letter much like Echoes was to Gaiden.

Vision Quest -A hack that is well liked for a reason it manages to weave both what I consider the best narrative of anything FE and a great gameplay experience into a well presented package and as such stands as one of the greats even compared to the highs of the main series, hell compared to all commercial games.

Pokemblem -A combination of two series I love, A technical marvel and an experience that both plays like it’s inspirations and noting like them, and it has Beedrill the greatest pokemon as a viable, nay great option.

Sword of Heaven and Earth -It’s like FE 6 but Lyn, 9/10, not FE6.

[but for reals it’s a charming what if for Elibe’s world that clearly had love behind it, while the later chapters can be tedious at times I find it has enough good maps and fun concepts to win me over]

However Sword of Heaven and Earth remains my number 1 while not the best game it’s charm won me over

I answered the servery with what I felt was most accurate order, then I forgot to copy paste oops

Edit: Now with short opinions/reviews.


In no particular order, apart from Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light being my number 1.

Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light
Justice & Pride
The Last Promise
Order of the Crimson Arm
Sword of Heaven and Earth
Vision Quest
Hope’s Trail
Seven Siblings
Drums of War
Project Ember


Sup guys,
I feel like these are my favourites

My list

Code of the Black Knights
The Last Promise(reskin feels fresh)
Vision Quest
Sacred Trilogy
The Sacred Echoes
Bells of Byellen
Infernal Randomiser
Project Ember
Cerulean Coast(hoping for full hack)

Code of The Black Knights and Last Promise are my favourite


In no particular order.

Vision Quest

The Princess’ Lament

Bells Of Byelen

Project Ember


Deity Device

Cerulean Coast


There is a lot of very good hack that I still didn’t had the time to play, but here’s the favorites from those I played with notably some news that I tried in recent monthes :smile:

my list

Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light
The Princess Lament
Cerulean Coast
Order of the Crimson Arms
Iron Emblem
Shining Revolution
The Sun God’s Wrath
Embers Entwined
Justice & Pride
Elibean Nights


I still have a massive backlog of Rom Hacks but here are the one’s I’ve really diged so far.

My List

Drums Of War
Two Milkmen Go Comedy
Cerulean Coast
Sacred Echoes


super thracia


Thanks everyone for the responses so far.
I’ll leave the poll up for another week, then I’ll release the results.


From a total of 94 respondents, what you’ve all been waiting for:

And there you have it! Thanks for responding, everyone.
I’m calling this another win for food names.

There was some other unimportant question that I included in the poll, not sure if anyone really cares but here it is.

Number included in Top 10 Hack/Fangame

Name Number
Vision Quest 55
The Last Promise 38
Drums of War 28
Bells of Byelen 22
Storge 22
Cerulean Coast 20
Order of the Crimson Arm 19
Sacred Echoes 18
Souls of the Forest 18
Iron Emblem 17
Shackled Power 17
Four Kings 16
A Vestrian Tale 14
Call of the Armor 14
Sun God’s Wrath 13
Seven Siblings 12
Embers Entwined 12
Project Ember 12
Justice and Pride 12
Deity Device 11
Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light 11
Andaron Saga 10
Code of the Black Knights 10
Dream of Five 9
Road to Ruin 8
Eligor’s Spear 8
Doubled or Nothing 8
Aletheia 7
Transcending Darkness 6
Absolution 6
Sword of Heaven and Earth 5
Blessed Heart 5
Myrm Emblem 5
The Lonely Mirror 5
Legends of Avenir 5
Code of the Burger King 5
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure 5
Requiem 4
Embrace of the Fog 4
Hetja’s Quest 4
Legacy of Sorrow 4
On the Edge 4
Staff of Ages 4
Elibean 4
Hope’s Trail 4
Lady of Masks 3
Eternal Winter 3
TLP4 3
Dragon Herald 3
Closing Act 3
OC Emblem 3
Server 72 3
Eckesachs 3
Pokémblem 3
Terror of the Forest 3
The Princess’s Lament 3
Legend of John 3
Queen’s Sword 2
The Heroes We Deserve 2
Heaven’s Fall 2
Biraku Emblem 2
Journeys Gaiden 2
Midnight Sun 2
Lords of the Seas 2
Guard of Avelon 2
Grug 2
The Phantom King 2
The Nameless Heroes 2
The Second Scouring 2
Isekai Emblem 2
TLP2 2
Yggdra Hack 2
FE Girls 2
Burdened Crown 2
Host of the Dark 2
Sacred Trilogy 2
New Theory of Thracia 2
Tales of Kotor 2
Death or Glory 1
Journeys 1
Genesis 1
Of Sands and Sabres 1
Sengoku Oda 1
Of Blood and Gold 1
Clock’s Ticking 1
Ozma’s Prophecy 1
Home by Winter 1
Cerberus 1
Time for Tom 1
FE4 Binary 1
Midori 1
Saint’s Blood 1
Touhou Emblem 1
Matthew’s Nightmare 1
Shrouded Wyvern 1
Frozen Throes 1
Decay of the Fang 1
Fire Emblem 8 Infernal Randomizer 1
Shining Revolution 1
Restoration Army 1
FE7x 1
Fire Emblem 5DS 1
Arcane Chronicles 1
The Drowned King 1
Grand Uprising 1
Myth of Blight 1
Super Thracia 1
Bloodlines 1
Maiden Quest 1
Project Thabes 1
Three Legacies 1
Duo Geno Escapo 1

let’s go my hack is tied for the objectively 10th best ever (that’s definitely how this works)


Hurray for food names! Dragon ball fans should be pleased

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Doing the math. If 55 people said vision quest, that would mean that 7 people that said VQ did not say yes to the food question. Are they heathens?


This is huge