Favorite FE starting chapter?

What is your favorite FE starting chapter?

Tutorial related chapters normally don’t don’t count so starting chapters would be:

Chapter 7 for Fates,

Chapter 1 for Shadow Dragon,

Prologue not Premonition for Awakening,

FE7’s starting chapter and Eliwood and Hector’s starting chapters,

Three Houses prologue,

Chapter 1 of New Mystery of the Emblem (AKA Heroes of Light and Shadow),

Chapter 1 of Path of Radiance,

Radiant Dawn’s Prologue.

Basically any chapter that doesn’t limit the freedom of the players except FE7.

The Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga games count as well.

I’m not sure what my favorite is but FEFates’s CH7 Vow Upheld is pretty nice.

Furthermore, I like Shadow Dragon and FE4’s too.

Gimme dat FE4 chapter.

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Hands down FE4’s Birth of the Holy Knight, with so much things going on in the chapter, so many character introduced, epic player phase music and the best enemy phase music of all time: Verdane Army theme


I actually like those short glorified cutscene chapters (like fe8’s prologue). I think they are good for introducing the player to the game

Not really a starting chapter but


Thracia does a really good job at letting you learn the mechanics and test out your units on the first map. There’s different ways to approach it and it eases you into the game while still being fun.


I recently started playing FE4 and I must say that I really enjoy the opening chapter! The amount of freedom you have in this chapter and the music makes for a great opening. The opening of any medium is important, because it shows what the rest of the content has in store for the one who interacts with it. It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a movie, a game or any other piece of art: a good opening is important and I think Genealogy of the holy war handles it very well with it’s amazing music, interesting dialogue, starting units and turn based events. The combination of these factors make sure that something interesting happens each turn.

I highly recommend looking into what makes a good opening when you’re developing your own hack, because it will make people stick around :smiley:

tl ; dr: FE4 gives freedom, good knightbois and great music.


I’d say I particularly enjoyed Genealogy and Thracia’s opening chapters. They’re more action packed than other, plus you already have command of a group by then.

I like the first chapter of FE6. I know it isn’t on the list, but it does not fit any of the criteria that would uninclude it. It feels a bit weird that FE7 just gets a ruleexception tho, because why exactly?


Thracia first chapter good

Because FE7’s prologue chapter establishes a lot of fundamental information about Lyn and Mark, e.g. Lyn’s backstory and Mark’s backstory.

But it’s barely a chapter.

Personally I think OP is based