Fates is sexist?

I was making a second run of Fates on Lunatic and I entered the Arena with Effie and due the weird angles the camera does, I noticed something:

At first I thought she didn’t have her butt covered because of that weird mechanic of losing armor as you lose HP. But then I watched her with full HP in My Castle. And she has no back armor.
Then I thought, all Generals must be like that.

All male Generals have back protection. Female Generals not.

I wonder if this applies for other classes.

I think most of the female models are more revealing

Whatever gets the otakus to pay tons of cash I guess

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Now now, the fighters flash their ass as well.

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poor design on the practicality and functionality. I mean its a good outline but it just looks dumb if you consider practicality.

EDIT: should probably mention that its only the nohr class designs that tend to do that for female classes. Hoshidon female classes tend to be more covered up then not, baring some exceptions like kageros custom ninja outfits. and the pegasus knight. a lotta semi skirts mind but a lot more pants and the like.

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That’s because Charlotte is a whore.

Well, almost all females in Nohr are fanservice. I think Belka, Effie and maybe Elise are the exceptions.
Camilla, Nyx and Charlotte are obvious fanservice, Selena is fanservice from Awakening, Peri is yandere fanservice (like Camilla), Felicia and Flora are maids, a fanservice cliche.

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no like i mean the default class outfits for the female nohr side, and male nohr side to an extent to though not nearly as much/enough, are more sexually suggestive then the female hoshidon default class appearnces in design. Most likely done in the name of T and A and frankly close minded design practices on how to make an outffit more noticeably feminine then masculine, but i do feel that it was partly motivated by some aesthetic choice to draw more contrast between the hoshidon and nohr sides. A lot of T and A motivation to mind but one that may have been also motivated by some weird form of artistic intent. or something.

not only does this feel totally uncalled for (says the person who has barely played game in question)

but the males do it too


obligatory reminder that brigands and berserkers have been shirtless since the SNES era


to be fair for a while they didnt have thongs. i mean yeah early fire emblem they had little fur loincloths but not thongs.

IS giving us the sexy male sprites we wanted

Are you Fates?


¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

show women in bikinis or with very little armor

show women fully armored

don’t show women at all

game only has women

Can these sjw accusations just fucking DIE already please and thank you


There is some merit to the power fantasy idea at least

for what it’s worth it’s a bit hypocritical calling fates out for being sexist and then slut shaming Charlotte


Ok, I think I have to clarify something.
Charlotte as a character is a whore (I think bitch is a better word?) because she dresses and acts like that, knowing that she can obtain what she want in that way.
It’s not like the designers made her like that just because fanservice (well, they obviously did it for fanservice), at least they tried to make an excuse to “justify” her.

At least that’s what I think, in the end it can be a bit hypocritical, so… ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯
Either way I don’t like Charlotte for her design and personality.

its interesting to consider that from a design perspective it may be to draw further contrasts between the attitudes of the two nations and a degree of irony. The nohrian designs, in terms of many of the female class designs, are more suggestive and sexually driven then the hoshidon class designs, which are a bit in the opposite direction for the most part. it potentially suggests that on a social conventional level, nohr is more liberal despite being an oppressive monarchy well hoshido is more conservative despite being a tolerant monarchy. Was that intentional, probably not no, but its interesting to pick at the way it could be interpreted. definitely makes me sigh about another missed opportunity to make an actually pretty interesting set up.

well your statement on the hypocrisy of it is accurate id say, i think your over reacting in this case and overgeneralizing when this is mostly just a typical societal double standard kinda hypocrisy not the crazy hypocrisy that any extremist utilizes.

it is definitely a bit of racism too (Asian Good, White Ppl Evil/Immoral)

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I’m willing to giving you the benefit of the doubt considering I’m unsure if english is your first or second language, but cmon man.

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