Fates-Blade's Assets

This is my place to share my assets. Give credit where it’s due, I was lazy and decided to indicate who needs to be credited by the folders in the “all of my weapoon icons.rar” file!

I hope you all will enjoy my work!

Also, everything in there is F2U and E (or free 2 use and edit) just be sure to credit me (Fates-Blade) and anyone the file says or files say to credit if it does or they do.


I’ve added some weapon icons:

The Tyrfing: TyrfingNEW
The Tyrfing with a glow: TyrfingWithGlow
Helswath: HelswathNew
Helswath with glow: HelswathWithGlow
Balmung with glow:BalmungWith Glow
Light Brand (credit to Sacred Stones): Light Brand
FE8 Swift Rapier:Swift RapierNEWEST


I made an Other Weapon Icons folder in my assets for icons that don’t have a connection with a particular FE.


Added these weapon icons:
Demon Dragon Attacks:Demon Dragon Attacks

I also want to mention that I might not have every weapon icon outside of the “All of my weapon Icons.rar” file, I’ll try to make sure “All of my weapon Icons.rar” has all the interesting weapon icons I have.


I’ve recently added my Lyn portrait Lyn2

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I’ve recently added the Flamberge, Vorpal Sword, Material Blade, Eternal Sword all with and without glow, and the Arredoval from the Tales of series in Other Weapon Icons: Eternal Sword - No glow Eternal Sword Flamberge - No glow Flamberge Material Blade - No glow Material Blade Vorpal Sword - No glow Vorpal Sword Arredoval

Added these FE7 portraits:
Lyn_Serious Lyn_Tactician Dorcas Lundgren Lyn_Disguise Lyn_Sad


I added these weapon icons from my Fire Emblem Twin Dragons hack:

Audhulma Edited Audhulma give credit to ScaredStones
Dark Shard Dark Shard which is based on the Stone Shard from the FE8 prototype
Naglfar Naglfar with a dark aura
Sieglinde Sieglinde
Vidofnir Vidofnir

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I added these weapon icons from another hack of mine from FE15:
Radiant Bow Radiant Bow
Royal Shield Royal Shield
Silver Shield Silver Shield
Steel Shield Steel Shield
Zweihander Zweihander
Blessed Shield Blessed Shield
Duma's Shield Duma’s Shield
Hexlock Shield Hexlock Shield
Iron Shield Iron Shield
Ladyblade Ladyblade
Leather Shield Leather Shield


I added these weapon icons too:
SplittingAxe Splitting Axe FE2 and FE15
FireBreath Fire Breath FE7
Full Guard GBA Full Guard FE9 and FE10
Full Guard GBA red gem Full Guard with a red gem FE9 and FE10

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I added these weapon icons based on weapons and a couple of shields from Tales of Vesperia:
Shield of Valor Shield of Valor
White Knight Shield White Knight Shield
White Knight Sword White Knight Sword
Hero's Sword Hero’s Sword
Knight Sword Spir Knight Sword Spir
Knight Sword Knight Sword
Real Knight Sword Real Knight Sword
Second Star Second Star

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I updated these weapon icons:
Second Star Second Star
White Knight Sword White Knight Sword

I updated the Second Star again:
Second Star Second Star

I have added the following to my assets: Grand Paladin map sprites:
Grand Paladin (Seth) Lance {FatesBlade}-stand
Grand Paladin (Seth) Lance {FatesBlade}-walk

Vanilla Ephraim with staff battle animation (no repal):

I finally got around to making a GBA Master Crown:
Master Crown GBA
I was really looking forward to doing that.

Decay Breath:
Decay Breath