[Fangames] What are you working on?


>Random map generator

My personal recommendation is to just practice + consulting with other mappers - I wouldn’t trust to a random generator, particularly when it comes to a map.

It honestly doesn’t look that bad - It’s a portion of a map that looks like a town square. City maps are low on variety because cities simply look a certain way and the tileset itself is fairly limiting.

FE Map Creator (also generates random maps)

I moved 12 posts to an existing topic, FE Map Creator (also generates random maps), since it was a long derailment. Back on topic, folks!


Ya already know I’m just doin’ the same ol’ shit.


FE6 REMAKE CONFIRM- oh it’s just elibian nights



I got up to the end of Ch4 before getting bored.


omg thank. I was starting to get bored and thought the thread had to be renamed to something else.

I’d be cool with an FE6 remake that isn’t on GBAFE’s engine. We already have one too many unfinished ones back on Serenes.


Working on a battle sheet of my own to use for my hiatus hack.
I’ll make it free if anyone ever wants it.
Here’s what it looks like right now.

FE Map Creator (also generates random maps)
FE Map Creator (also generates random maps)

If that’s the standing pose, it looks crazy awkward.


I tried making recolor of the FE8 dragon to try and make a insert-able version for FE7
How does it look?


Looks awesome, actually. Did you have to do much redrawing?


If i didnt have usenti it would have taken forever to finish.
It wasn’t that much drawing it was mostly changing how the colors were distributed.
Also, I made it so that it works with Lyn’s palette


Maybe use a few more shades of red? It’s a little clumpy around the legs.

Otherwise, not bad.


Is that an artifact of something in the upper-right?


It’s the palette. Aren’t you supposed to be omniscient or something, baby Jesus?


Haven’t I said I suck at graphics?


I tweaked it a little and here’s what it looks like ingame


Looks kinda blue.

you removed a lot of detail by getting rid of the other shades(and the shades that are left need more contrast). Try some thing more like this.
(Honestly this is probably still a bit too saturated…)
This should be right at the color limit, but I had to get rid of a shade on the claws.


Have an incompleted animation preview.


It’s blue because it has Lyn’s palette

I was trying to make it so that the dragon could use same palette as normal characters, didn’t realize i sacrificed so much quality to do so

And i really like your version, that looks even better than mine and the original combined


Oh, yeah, I realized the blue was someone else’s palette, I was joking, but reading back… I did sound flat .-.


huh what a thought

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