Fan request great idea - star wars mod

I wish I had the capability or free time to do this but it sounds like it would be a perfect engine to make an impressive space strategy game:

  • Spaceship battles
  • Items to buy and sell for more or less
  • Ship equipment
  • Sequences where the captains and crew transmit messages w character portraits?
  • planets u go to on map?
  • Ability to build or buy or capture or recruit or accept requests from ships to join
  • Technology?
  • Other ideas completely welcome to all
    If anyone can make this or will I’d keep it on my list of favorite all time go to games.
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Fe8 is not the perfect engine for creating a different game. You need a huge number of assets such as sprites, mugs, and tilesets.

My project recreates Pokemon in the fire emblem engine. I have plenty of resources to pull from. It has been such a colossal amount of work to just get things rolling. I don’t think anyone around here is or will be making a space themed srpg.

Welcome to feu, though. Feel free to try out febuilder if you like.


You should check out the SD Gundam G Generation series or Super Robot Wars. They’re basically Fire Emblem but with mechs and battleships.


Hey guys, thanks for the info. I’ll check that out glad to know theres a pokemon mod and thanks for referring me to the Gundam game that’s awesome. What about the prospect of star wars? I didn’t think of it but that would be way cooler than a generic space mod.

narrative concept: Jedis breach money talks establish order take out control belief position with reliance on free right will. Empire victory would be rebels regroup.

I only need the jedi mode personally. Not sure how it works. There’s tons of star wars games. I could back it with spreading the word. I think something simple and nostalgic is all thats really needed. Just my input.

Anyone free to be a team leader on this?

Your best bet is to try making something yourself - people will likely be more willing to help once you’ve taken the plunge and shown the community a proof of concept of your idea.

Good luck.


This is what you’re after. Please try out officially licensed star wars games.

I would like to reiterate that nobody is making hacks on request. We do it out of our own inspiration. Even if you started a great project, people may contribute art or asm, but they won’t finish your hack for you. Perhaps you should try out some of the projects on feuniverse and if you find ones you enjoy, give feedback & ideas for that project.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would just have a lot to finish first. Likely will make an attempt before too long. Thanks for the debriefing. Glad to have found the forum.- Ghost

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We’re here to help and answer questions. Have fun.

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Yes, you wish.

I don’t know why the necropost, but this kinda reminds me of that Jontron clip of an example of a game apporved and compatible for Imperial Nintendo Entertainment System, named “Aldeeran Was An Inside Job”.

I have had plans for making a Star Wars Fire Emblem hack, but it takes a very long time to implement. You have a completely different setting, you need new animations and you need different music.

Ah well, maybe this will be a fun idea for the next make a fun chapter :wink:

That sounds awesome… good clip like yeah everybody knows, and awesome star wars emblem :smiley: I recall seeing star wars ship sprites from time to time. I considered potentially using free 3d models and screen shots may work well also. Looking forward to hearing more.