Famitsu's Memorial Article and poll: Top 5 FE games according to voters



#5 Mystery of the Emblem (SNES ver.)

#4 The Blazing Blade

#3 Awakening

#2 Three Houses

#1 Genealogy of the Holy War

No Tellius or Valentia. But Blazing is in there.
How do you feel?


Even if FE3 was very popular in Japan, I still am a bit shocked that 2/3 of the SNES titles are on that top 5. I’m not too sure why FE7 is there, but I do feel as if recency bias put 3h at number 2. Awakening was a low brainer as well, that game sold well. I guess I feel indifferent.

No Shadow Dragon, 0/10.
But in all seriousness I’m a little surprised to see FE7, haven’t heard much about its Japanese reception 'til now.
Otherwise it’s pretty much what I’d expect when it comes to the Japanese FE crowd.

I would have expected Mystery of the Emblem to get a few more popularity points, but otherwise this looks about right.

also fates bad lmao

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All that I can say to this is fe4 remakes confirmed


FE7 is on the list but FE6 aint? That is pretty surprising to me.

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Kinda thought Gaiden Remake would’ve been part of the top five instead of FE 7. Two of them look like they were a no brainer, given how mainstream the games were after FE New Mystery.

Edit: Not sure what their views were of FE 4 and 3 were tbh.

Kaga is still king


Right now, kinda tempted to play and see how good or terrible FE Mystery of the Emblem is.

Do it, Archanea games good.

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FE3 book 2 is dope.

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This is so rigged lol

Bahahahah Genealogy goes brrrrrrr.

All you big map haters out there can suck it!


Kind of surprised FE3 isn’t higher given how well it sold in Japan. IIRC not even Awakening sold as much in Japan as Mystery did. I mean, not going to complain it’s there, Archanea games good and New Mystery has always been a strong contender for my personal favorite.

Everything else looks kind of mixed. I wouldn’t have expected FE4 to win, but fair enough. It is good enough if not one I’d particularly like to play again. FE7 is a bit of a surprise from Japan I suppose. Awakening is a fun meme (and I actually do enjoy it somewhat) and Three Houses is recent and has good characters/supports.

Perhaps Intelligent Systems knew people loved FE4, and tried to recapture lightning in a bottle with Three Houses, which takes a lot of elements from Jugdral.

Kinda worked, since it got 2nd, but it’s still not as popular. Perhaps this is evidence for a possible Genealogy remake being the next remake, contrary to those people who think it will be FE6 or Tellius for whatever reason.

I too place Fe4 on No.1 spot but I don’t want a FE4 Remake.

They’d change too much about it:
Meme characters wouldn’t be meme.
OP characters wouldn’t be OP.
Difficulty would be all over the place with difficulty modes.
Unique gameplay elements would be altered (money, trading, pawn shop, road movement)
Sacred Weapons would be nerfed because balance > lore
Story elements would be nerfed and toned down (Incest, Patricide, Prolicide) for dat “Teen Rating”
Game would be split in 2 games instead of 1 with some data transfer for couples.
Some sort of awkward DLC.

Oh yeah they’d change too much about it like they clearly did in echoes


Can’t tell if you are sarcastic or just mean what you say
because your post really swings both ways.

I think a number of those concerns are unwarranted. I am also not up in arms for an Fe4 remake because I feel like it wouldn’t be handled the best, but I think you’re overblowing it.

  • There’s nothing implying OP characters in fe4 wouldn’t still be OP in a remake. Did modern IS not give us Robin, Ryoma, Camilla, and I’m assuming a number of pretty broken units 3Hs (haven’t gotten to play it myself).
  • I’d assume that the unique gameplay elements would be altered to an extent, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be changed completely or removed.
  • The Holy weapons being nerfed is a 50/50 thing; maybe they’ll do it, maybe they won’t, and I doubt IS would bother to nerf them into the ground. Being slightly worse wouldn’t ruin the integrity of the lore.
  • The story elements being toned down is another 50/50 thing, because a number of things either aren’t explicit enough to warrant toning down or wouldn’t take away a T rating. This one is a more warranted concern, at least.
  • The splitting it in 2 games thing seems quite unlikely for IS to do with fe4, especially considering how it’s a fan favorite game and how much that would change. I very much doubt IS has the balls to do that

Part of the reason people like FE4 so much is because of the dark tone of the narrative. Nintendo toning it down would kinda be shooting themselves in the foot lol. Besides they have no reason to, considering they’ve handled darker narratives kinda well (Like Berkut burning his wife :v)
I wouldn’t worry about them splitting the game in half, I think they’re more likely to merge thracia 776 with this one as a route-split of sorts, or, god forbid, releasing it as dlc.

I do hope they remove pursuit though. Or at least, make it so that units that don’t have it aren’t automatically trash. Seriously, the only unit that can perform well in that game without getting pursuit at any point is Lewyn.

Also. Pawn shop bad.