Failure to comprehend

Hey Guys and Miladys (jokes for days) Im new to the hacking community and my main problem is that the Feditor doesnt work on my computer. Yes I have WinRAR and Nightmare but once I take out the dist file it gives me another Feditor Adv and once i click on that it give me a file named Feditor Adv and once i open that it gives me only Class files.
Am i doing someting wrong or is Windows 10 not compatible?

Might not be windows 10 compatable tbh
Make sure you have java updated and try opening the run batch file in the feditor folder
If that doesn’t work, dist folder -> feditor
If that doesn’t work, then see the first answer :confused:
Maybe a screenshot of what you have?

also nightmare has nothing to do with feditor

thanks man greatlyt appreciate it

FEditor works for me, and I’ve been running win10 since the beta was released. If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling java. The only issue I’ve run in to was with the CG maker, and a quick reinstall solved that with ease.

don’t “open” the FEditor.jar file; you shouldn’t have to deal with the class files inside

if you have java installed properly you should be able to just run that

Thanks guys I really appreciate it.