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hi … I’m bad at this but ok
Between study and laziness and illness and I was worried about my project and exhausted my energy and I am in the last year in high school was working on the story, and English isn’t my native language and language barriers holds me down but I’m working it Developing my language skills
I found it convenient to show you my work and to receive your opinions and criticisms about it helps me to develop my skills

battle sprite

so this is my shaman and the druid, I’m not pleased with the shaman but the druid turned out very good but still needs some fixing in the arms and stuff
this is the priest/monk/ light mage, still working on its elite class … I’m lazy :expressionless:
one if the main characters still in the early process of work
a female fighter one of the first sprites I made I don’t know she looks kinda good
one of the main characters I don’t know about do you think it still needs work?


aria%20(2) Ariana Orion (Aria)
still working on her eyes
haiden Haiden
nice one I guess … he could be a good “Joshua” without the hat
favian Favian Orion (Favian)
one of the main characters still in the early stage of work
elin%20final Elinessa
a princess i worked sooo… much on her i hated myself …
jess Jess
a female thief . a young girl with a cheerful personality

more is coming please be patient
(the sun is rising, The user returns to his Vampire Lair) :sweat_smile:


So I just noticed that Aria looks like Ruby Rose from RWBY

The mugs need some work but the stills look pretty good!

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Looks pretty cool so far. It’s always awesome to see people want to contribute to the community, and it seems that with a bit of polish, you’ve got a real knack for characters that will stand out as unique and visually interesting

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I took my time
it’s summer whats everybody been up to…?

yeah … I did some stuff remember the headless Princess will : …


An Update soon
I will upload the mugs but I don’t have my laptop at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:


• Sahar : an arab girl with a gift , her name means the last hour of night before sunrise .
• Tick Vincent ( TV) : an energetic girl , love to threaten people with stabbing.
• Lily : a peaceful girl known as the white reindeer witch.
• General Aida : a women with a strong personality class wyvern rider.

I’m sorry for being late