F2's Portrait Splices 'n Such

I’m no spritan, all are splices I’ve done for Mythgraven with varying degrees of editing.

Free to use/edit (Credit appreciated!)

Arlo Ulrich Zacheus Torvald

Francel Lilisette Iris Asahi

Emelin Joachim LambertLavrentiy

Leanne Livia Melusina Arya

Severin Sierrah Rosaire Baldric

Erwin Erwin (other side face) Erwin unburned Volker

Grozdan Anna maybe Cesteline Esmond
Bertram Aveline General Generic Gabriel
Millia Shinta Abol Marius
Astracia Solus

NOT free to use/edit (Please do not use without permission)

The three main characters of Mythgraven.
Olwen Richter Tanith


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