Extra Life 2019 - Three Houses PMU

So, I’ll try to be brief (if you know me, you know that this may not be as brief as some may like), but I’ll tl;dr at the bottom.

I have a buddy who does an annual Extra Life streaming, and has done so for a decade. Two years ago marked the first year I actually flew down to Missouri to participate in the event in person, meet all kinds of longtime friends for the first time, and play some vidya. Fast forward two years, I’m planning to head down again to visit and partake.

However, given that this is looking to be the biggest event we have done so far (I can’t give many details as none are 100% as of yet), I was hoping I could maybe get some pull from the FE community. So here’s what I’d like to propose to my friend, if you guys are on board.

I’ll be bringing my Switch down south with me, and I figured could plan a community PMU of Three Houses, which I will begin the day of the event and keep going throughout the day, popping onto the stream to update viewers with my progress and team build thus far every so often. We will be a lot of people with a lot of titles to play, so I won’t be able to stream 24 hours straight (nor would I be physically capable), but if this is something that people are into, I’ll try to work it into our plans.

What’s more is, as this is for Extra Life and everything we do, we do for the kids, I’d like to not only have your viewership, but if you are able, any donations you could muster - and if you can pledge a dollar amount of or above $5USD, I will GUARANTEE your PMU pick up to a roster of 10 units (not counting Byleth and the house leader), first come first serve.

TL;DR, friend does Extra Life every year and I’ll be attending, maybe we can get a Three Houses PMU setup, with first ten $5USD or more donations getting guaranteed roster picks up to 10.

Does this sound like something you guys would be up for? I would make a point to be active on our Discord or on stream chat, or any other way you’d like to reach me, so that I can be sure you guys can see the progress between games!


I can’t guarantee that I’ll watch the whole thing as I can’t watch streams for more than like an hour, but I’m down to donate and give my roster slot to someone else.

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No worries, I’d maybe do an hour on stream every couple hours or so so everyone else can get some time to play and people get breaks, myself included. A bit of time and donations are all we can hope for to keep us going for 24 hours!

I’ll donate for sure, Zan. This takes place early November, right?

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Much love, man. I believe the actual day is the 2nd of November, I’ll be flying out the 31st. I’ll confirm a couple weeks before if we’re going ahead with this and get things sorted, as well as provide the donation link.

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Is this still happening?

not sure why this thread was abandoned but they posted a link in discord to here earlier

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Unfortunately, this didn’t get the reception that we’d hoped, and didn’t think that devoting such a large chunk of our event to something that looked like it would under perform would be a wise decision.

However, we DID smash our goal of $2,500 for Extra Life this year, topping $3,000USD as of Wednesday evening! I will be going through the stream that @Sme has posted and exporting it to Youtube some time this weekend, and will add timestamps to more easily find things you want to watch.