Exporting Maps from FEBuilder

My journey though rom hacking has been rocky
but I’ve found some success in making my own skills for the SkillSystem with asm.

What this means, however, is that continuing my project in FEBuilder is looking to be less and less viable. I’m trying to move completely to buildfiles but I’m having trouble porting over my my current map.

For reference, I’m using the files include with the SkillSystem. Using FEbuilder, I exported my map as a .tmx and placed it in the Maps folder. when I tried to build, it returned a slew of undefined identifier errors.

When I checked the .event file it produced, I noticed all of the SetChapterData section was only set to the definitions unlike the Boss Rush which had actual values.

By investigating the ROMbuildfile, I discovered that a .event file for the map events is also necessary, so I went to FEBuilder and exported that as well. However, the .event file it produced is significantly different from the Release_map.event that came with the files. It contained almost no definitions and was instead just a list of addresses.

Is there a way for me to have that .event formatted correctly for my files?

I’m Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I’ve been searching for hours an haven’t found a direct solution to porting content from FEBuilder. This definitely feels like I’m missing something simple and stupid.

Events you are almost certainly better off rewriting from scratch (while looking at what you wrote in febuilder) than exporting them. The only way to export events is with Nintenlord’s EA Core.exe which has bugs (for us) such as assuming all events and asm start before 0x9000000 addresses. Any time you call a custom event or use an febuilder patch command in your events, it won’t disassemble properly.

Maps you just need to add the properties so tmx2ea knows how to connect your map to your chapter. Sme’s eventing guide covers this.

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I see, I was looking too hard at the map it’s self when I should have been searching for eventing tutorials.

You’re a godsend. Thank you!

Stuff about maps/tmx2ea:

As I recall when exporting a tmx from febuilder, the only property assigned to the main layer is main, so you’ll have to add the rest yourself. I believe tilechanges are set properly however.

And you can find sme’s eventing tutorial here.