[Experiment] Zeroing out the D00000-E00000 range

This patch does exactly that.

It’d help to have people play the game and verify that nothing is broken (or report if things, in fact, are). I’m picking up off of an old save in Hector’s mode (dat Kenneth chapter), and at first glance everything looks intact.

I did this in chaos mode at the very beginning months ago, and there have never been any bugs reported as a result of this, it’s been out a year now. There are lategame bugs that have been cropping up in all the recent LP’s, but I think those are because I used an event ID used somewhere else in FE7 vanilla and added it about two versions ago.

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From @Hextator’s FEditor docs:

0x00D00000 to 0x00E00000 - WARNING: mostly confirmed, however some data in the 0x00D8XXXX range has been shown to be in use by the game (specifically for some class ability related data).

Great documentation there, bud. Not really much of a lead to work with.

Anyways I’m going to try to eyeball it and test the class abilities with that range zeroed out. Guess I’ll update if/when I find the loch ness monster lurking in the D8 range.