Experience Curve Ideas?

I am hacking FE8 in FEBuilder. My intent is for promoted units to retain their level instead of returning to level 1. However the problem with this is that they will receive a lot of experience just before promoting, but afterward they will receive one experience point for just about everything they do. I do want there to be a penalty for promoted units, but not so severe. I found that taking the promoted unit check box off, gives them far too much experience, so I am looking for some way to mess with the experience penalties. Is anyone aware of a way to change the way experience works in FE8? Has anyone else ever made this work?

That sounds like ASM shenanigans that you need to work with.

Game experience is equal to:
[31 + (enemy’s Level + enemy’s Class bonus A) – (Level + Class bonus A)] / Class (relative) power
you might be able to edit the experience base [31] at this offset: 802c37c [you might need to exclude the 80 from it,] (it should be opened with a hex editor which comes with FEBuilder (search for it), or you can use HxD), and then manipulate the class relative power to get the EXP you want.

The easiest way to do it is to not go against the vanilla method.
The easiest way to do this is to reset your Lv, since it uses the vanilla formula as is.
According to Vanilla’s formula, the experience value you can get is extremely small once you reach Lv 20.

I found this behavior interesting, so my own game used this trait to adjust the balance.
I didn’t look into why it was behaving this way because it was troublesome.
If you want to change this, the only way to do it is to check the ASM.

For now, how about trying to keep this value constant for promoted and un-promoted?
(Take a backup before doing it. Because it takes time to undo later.)

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I made patch.


This is great. I think this will solve the issue! I’ll just make adjustments to the experience curve.

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