Expectations about FEWarriors: Three Hopes?

Yesterday, a new FEWarriors in the universe of Three Houses was announced. As far as I understood from the trailer, It’ll serve as a “true ending” with all the three routes merged in one. The release date is somehow close, 24th of June.

So, what are you expecting from the game?

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I don’t think it’s some kind of true ending. It looks like it’s going to be the usual ‘fanfic’ taking place in an alternate reality where everybody has to ‘put aside their differences’ and work together to beat some common, more catastropical, foe/threat. Kinda like what the two Hyrule Warriors games did.

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I don’t exactly care whether the story is a golden route or an alternate timeline, I’ll eat up the story anyway because it’s Fodlan.
I really liked FE Warriors, the only way this game would be a disappointment to me is if the item management wasn’t improved.


I hope that they have Playable Armor Knights. There haven’t been any playable Armor knights in the first FE Warriors game and have my figures crossed that they have one that is playable.

As someone who really, really, enjoyed FE wariors or Hyrule Warrios, with a lot of hours on these games, im really exited to play this new game.

Hyrule Warriors, age of calamity, was a really nice experience, gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, history, all of these aspects where amazing.
And, since they already have experience with FE warriors, a pretty solid title, i believe they will fix and polish the formula of that game.

Also i really want to discover how will be the “revelations” story of this game, and see the ending i couldnt see in 3H.

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Definitely. I feel that Fodlan is by far underused. You have various interesting countries and the plot only focuses on three, leaving the rest unused.

Maybe? I’m not sure, as far as I’ve seen in the trailer I think that Byleth will go back with the time wheel and things will mess up. But I’m may also be some kind of alternate story during the timeskip.

Gameplay wise I hope they keep the option to “command” other units in the battlefield. It was a great touch to add something of the FE formula to a musou. Anyways, as someone who hasn’t played a lot to this kind of games I’m excited.

You’re not the only one, I have always wanted to see all the three houses working together. Also, It’s the perfect excuse to replay the game, and finish the route that I had left to complete.

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I’m really disappointed for another FE Warrior game. I just want the old school FE games revamped or at least keep the mechanics from older games for a new game. I’m just not a fan of new FE content


As someone who didn’t care for Warriors 1, i’m disappointed that this will probably be our main FE content of the year tbh.


Storywise I predict it will be like Fates Revalations but better. (In the sense that all nations are allies and find a solution to fulfill everyones dream.)

Gameplaywise it will be fun. But I’ll probably skip it because I don’t need another of these games at the moment. (Still have to complete the first Hyrule Warriors on the WiiU lol.) Plus I’m not the biggest Three Houses fan so yeah…

I hope everyone who buys it will have a good time.

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I can relate to that. I supose they made a musou because Intelligent Systems is working on the Advance Wars remakes right now. After that, we can expect a brand new FE

Intelligent Systems is only involved with Advance Wars 1+2 insofar as they own the IP, WayForward is actually making the game; in fact, despite 2 games from Intelligent Systems IPs in the direct, there were no games actually developed by Intelligent Systems shown

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we can probably expect a new FE game soon enough bc of this, Warriors 2 isn’t replacing the main line games, that would be like if Mario fans got mad that the new mario party came out instead of a new mario game


Yeah, i would take this as a “play this while we finish the good ol’ FE main game”.


lmao IntSys will just keep getting made to make WarioWare and Paper Mario

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I found it weird that the biggest gripe people seemed to have with the first one was all the characters coming from only 3 games, so for the next one they double-down and make it only from a single one? I mean, I get WHY they took this approach, and I did enjoy Age of Calamity whose success is clearly what inspired this, I just can’t help but lament another missed opportunity to have a true series all-star game that’s not a freaking gacha or bogged down by IS’s pre-Heroes mindset that FE fans only care about Archanea and the 3DS games and maybe, BIIIG maybe they also like Lyn for some reason so throw her in just in case.

Either way, it’s Fire Emblem, it’s a musou, I enjoyed 3H despite some gripes and spent more time theorizing about a golden route with other people than I’d like to admit, it’s got everything for me to like it and I will play it. It’s just not THE FE musou I was hoping for, personally.

I’m hoping it’ll be some sort of “Byleth used a Super Divine Pulse to go back to before the timeskip and try and avoid the war” type thing. It’d be a decent justification for things going differently than in the original game, and would mean the game doesn’t have to exposition things we already know. Sort of like what Terrako (mini guardian egg friend) did in Age of Calamity

I don’t have especially high hopes for this. I was looking forward to Age of Calamity but lost interest after booting the demo and realizing it was going to be non-canon time travel shenanigans rather than telling the actual story of the calamity. But then I’m also not a huge fan of Breath of the Wild.

I’m not a huge fan of Three Houses either, so I guess it’ll depend on if Three Hopes manages to put the characters and setting in a more cohesive narrative because Three Houses honestly feels like a first draft of something that needed more time in the oven. None of the conflict felt genuine, and it all just felt manufactured to sell the game on the idea of classmates finding themselves on different sides of a three way battle later in life, whether it made sense or not. If the house leaders actually interacted, and it was actually shown that they couldn’t find common ground, I might have bought it. Claude was probably the biggest wrench in things and was clearly created as a concept for a third power, but the writers had no storyline planned for him. It would hardly change anything in the narrative if the Alliance didn’t exist and the Golden Dear students were some combination of mixed into the other houses, cut, or replaced other students who were cut. Edelgarde and Claude have largely the same goal, and Dimitri and Claude have no reason to fight in the three way battle.

I’m out if I see any sign that Three Hopes has Monastery exploration.


I’m not interested enough to buy the game, but I probably will look at youtube for any new information/supports.

It’s probably better to concentrate on one game instead of limiting your options.

What I read from interviews about the first game is:
In Warriors 1 the relations of characters were a big reason why the cast was formed the way it is. (Chrom needed both Lissa and Frederick, if you have Corrin and some of his/her siblings, you need the rest too because it would be strange otherwise (although that didn’t stop them from not adding Azura in the Main Game)). But I feel with Shadow Dragon, Lyn and Celica other rules were used. I mean Marth without Shiida would be rare unless you lose her in classic mode and a FE game with FE1 content but not Tiki? I get that but then… Why is Nabarl there? Ogmar would’ve been more fitting and in order to pay tribute to Bord and Co he could’ve use an axe instead of swords. Why do we have Lyn but not Hector (as axe infantry/armor) and Elliwood (as Lance User)? And why Celica without Alm? And why is Celica a swordfighter despite being able to weild magic too?

The thing with swords was another reason that influenced how they picked the cast. Although imo they failed axes with not a single infantry and only added variety to lance users with Azura and Oboro in DLC. Rowan and Lianne were shortly discussed to use lances or axes instead but they ended up making them to another pair of swordfighter lords instead.

Overall making a Warriors game for Fire Emblem doesn’t work as well as it did with Zelda back then. There they needed to be creative since many characters didn’t have a weapon to begin with. In FE though it’s more or less determined and I don’t know if they had too much freedom. (They thought about removing Lucina first but after talking to IntSys about it they decided to not do that. One reason was because she is a child unit and not having other childs would’ve been strange - even though Owain was yet another sword user… I tolerate him because I cracked a laugh when he revealed that Lissa is gonna be his mom. And his victory screen is gold.)

So unless you want a game where nearly every important figure wields a sword it is better to focus on one or two titles instead I guess. I wonder if the characters will have different weapons this time or if you can customize them or if they are predetermined. But I’m pretty sure the variety of weapons the characters will use is going to be bigger. Maybe we don’t have to worry about clones at all.

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Hopefully this is more of an AU with some sort of extra or different setting gimmick rather than “Oh actually there was this screwed up thing we didn’t tell you about or hint to at all and it makes no sense in context”
The Slitherbins serve as a much better established “Revelation” but I’m not sure a game that’s not a sequel can really… like… get it right. It was already established in 3H that trying to reveal their existence to everyone early on wasn’t feasible.

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