Expanding class problems

Initially, I wanted to make some new classes as well as female/male version of certain classes. I used the trainee class spot but it turned out that those spots are hard coded, so the class will always considered as trainee. After that, I decided to expand the list a bit, as I only need a few spots. However, when using that new class I made on the extended class spot makes my game crash right away.

Is there a way to get away with these problems:

  1. Remove the trainee system
  2. Make the extended class spots actually usable

Assuming you’re using FEBuilder:

  1. You can disable automatic trainee promotion with a patch. You should also check if your characters have Max Level 10 toggled on and toggle it off.

  2. You need to install ExModularSave -patch. Otherwise extending the class list causes huge problems. FEBuilder should give you a warning before extending the class list, don’t ignore it.

My base rom is already using ExModularSave patch but the extended classes still crashing the game.

that part was blank, then I saw that the other classes has that thing filled
so i tried it and my game is not crashing anymore

This you?

I think febuilder tries to default all new classes’ MMS to use the Lord AP, so not sure why it didn’t in this case. Or maybe I am misunderstanding something.

Do you think this was caused by a reproducable bug in febuilder, or did you just make an error?

Yeah that’s me.

I don’t know, when I expanded the class, didn’t edit anything from that menu except adding the new sprites.

I do have some new problems though, some classes crash when I wanted to choose the third promotion option.

I would strongly recommend avoiding expanding classes. They are dangerous when we don’t know much about coding and these things.
I did it several times, like. When I started using FEGBABuilder I was always expanding them and every time the game got corrupted for some reason, in that case, the classes.

About the trainer class, I think if you change their max level from 10 to 20. This will fix the issue with the promotion.
There are few classes you can change in the codes, let me show some of them. (I will be considering you will add the female variants to most classes as mercenary, great knight, general and knight).

Definely it’s not much, but I hope this helped you somehow.

Expanding classes is perfectly safe if you use EMS/SkillSystems. From what I’ve seen, any time users had an issue that they thought was related, it turned out to be something else. I can very confidently attest to the safety of class expansion. I think you experienced issues for other reasons. If you have a project that you think is corrupted due to class expansion, then send a report7z.

I might recommend that newcomers to febuilder replace a couple of classes they aren’t using before expanding the class list, though.

Send a report7z.

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oh these classes are not used at all?

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If you are using FE8 the answer is not at all :v. If you are using FE6 or FE7 than the answer changes to depend.

Some classes in FE8 uses the same animation, as generals and great knights. They even have duplicate battle animations in the game, the armor’s palette is the only difference.
Great Knights are literally the same, they use same animation and even same palettes.

The civilians have duplicate classes because FE8 uses them twice in the game. And for some reason they created two more classes of a man and woman peasant.
Some classes aren’t used in game as the 75, 76, 78, 79 and 7B.

So, about the duplicate classes. This may be helpful.

The red arrow means it’s a class with the same battle animations and map sprites as the male variant AND classes that aren’t used in game and classes that are used in game, but you may want to change them.

The green arrow means a class that, in the case of the Hero and Wyvern Knight, uses different map sprite animations, but the battle animations are the same.
In the case of Shamans and Druids, they have the same map sprite, but they have the female battle animations in the second variant of the class. ( Like 2D is male and 2E is female)

Also, @Vesly has more experience than I, so I recommend following his tips :v.

The image is kind of small… I think if you donwload it you can zoom it

Classes work fine with the expansion, I have 0xE9 entries in my hack and I have no problems.

Map sprites in other hand… those work up to 0xCF, anything beyond that doesn’t work.

Thank you for all of he answers.

I have a new problems though, when I selected a third promotion option on certain classes, it crashes my game. At first, I thought maybe the classes are the problems, so I’m moving them to the 2nd promotion option but some of the problematic class did work, but some other class still crashing.

Send a report7z.