Expanded Universe Initiative: "I Have a Dream!"

Here’s what’s currently in development/at least had a planned platform crafted.

All the Elibe we Need:

  • Elibian Nights
  • Immortal Sword
  • One of the FE6 remakes will get completed with so many of them
  • Champion Blade (Al: The hack)
  • Athos’ Tale (a short hack in homeage to Nintenlord, who started something similar)

Arch’s Pipe-Dream Archanea Trilogy:

  • Exalted Legacy
  • Exalted Legacy II: Light and Shadow
  • Exalted Legacy III: Slumber

Magvel needs a sequel:

  • Depths of Darkness (tentatively titled)

The idea in presenting this as an initiative is to offer a mentorship opportunity to aspiring hackers - people who want to hone their skills working on a project without having to necessarily worry about the planning and coordination. Basically, we could have a cool Star Wars-esque expanded universe and then when Fire Emblem gets bought out by Disney it’ll all be declared bullshit (but enjoyable shall be it). One team could assemble to practice with an FE3 remake, or assist with a foray into FE8 hacking in developing a sequel. Participants would get direct experience with project management under the leadership of a director.

I dunno, it’s a thought? And with the generous support of various known practicing wizards we could make some pretty bitchin’ games.

Potential Teams/Interested List:

  • Exalted Legacy: Light and Shadow - Ash3wl (Events/Assistant Mentor), Primefusion (Mentor), Kobazo (Events), GPrime (ASM/Events), Kiseki
  • Fire Emblem: Depths of Darkness - Arch (Director), CT075 (ASM/Research), jj2257 (Events), Venno (Mentor/ASM)

You sly dog, you.

So… is this something of a recruitment drive? If it is and you need some maps I’m around (or be an event mentor?).

Sound interesting.
I did write an expanded universe about Elibe on POST FE6 that tied up few loose threads in both FE7 and FE6 with my headcanon while still reasonably open for other to still have their own headcanon involved in. So if you are starting a FE6 expansion or FE8 anytime soon, count me in.

As a hack, the chances of FE:Dystopia and FE:The Last Stone (TLS) are minimal at best. They were my plans for an FE6 sequel and an FE8 sequel respectively.

If FEXNA is a lot easier to use and not as prone to completely going bust like a hack, then they’ll most likely get done, if not I’ll probably just give my ideas to other people or just let the ideas finally die like they should have years ago.

But yeah, those are things, kind of, in my head.

@NICKT: I’d like to at least see what you’ve got, if you don’t mind shooting your thoughts my way and collaborating on some of the designs I’ve had.

Another one to add to the list, the long anticipated:

  • Hack (loosely) based on the plot of Al, Gant and Tiena’s manga, Fire Emblem: Champion’s Blade.

I’ll be hunting down/solidifying documents and posting the into a shared google docs folder.


Dystopia: All I had for this was I wanted to do something about a second coming for the Ending Winter, potentially actually being sought out by a remaining dragon, I don’t know, didn’t really plan out that much. All I had set out was that I wanted split paths, each being led by a different lord, one who was a thief and for his first chapter I wanted to test out an idea where you’re alone and have to avoid combat and have to escape to a specific tile after stealing an object from a castle.

Another of the three lords was a general of Bern, who would start out attempting to resolve a civil war going on in Sacae between the tribes. As for the third lord, I was thinking probably a descendant of Roy and Lilina. But yeah, wasn’t much going on in that, as I wanted to play and finish FE6 before I really got into sorting out the meat for Dystopia.

However, the FE8 sequel had a lot more meat on it’s bone, as you probably know, haha. Originally it was a bunch of really ridiculous ideas but as of most recent renditions it is based around a sorceress who was responsible for the birth of the Demon King and has returned to Magvel to take it over in the wake of conflicts between the ruling houses on sensitive issues plaguing the nation.

All in all, blagh, would probably have gotten a lot more refined if I actually got around to doing anything with it, but I’m lazy.

If you don’t mind I’d like to hear more about this. :v

A sequal to FE3? Since when has this become a thing?

As for remaking FE3, I could help with that. Ironically, an FE3 Book 2/FE12 remake was one of the first projects I wanted to work on. I do like the idea of making several prologue units trainees. Was this done so that they won’t be overleveled by the time the main story rolls around?

I’m also having a real fun time reading the documents in your google docs folder. I love the idea of merging all the continents into one single universe and the idea of a story involving the first Exalt and Grima (though let’s make him an actual challenge to beat this time and not an absolute joke). We could have Marth’s descendant acquire the Brand of the Exalt during the story (maybe as an auto-promotion?) and have all their descendants inherit it after. Then it would make Awakening’s backstory seem much less out of the blue (at least in my opinion it does).

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I’ve got plans for Naga, the mark of the Exalt, and both Falchions. Don’t worry. The idea behind “Book 3” is to do exactly that, make “Awakening’s backstory seem much less out of the blue.”

I’d be happy to have you aboard the FE3 remake train. I explain the trainees in more depth in the “Exalted Legacy Trilogy Vision” document, but yes: in a nutshell it’s to prevent that overleveling and also to provide an array of T1 class options so that the prologue becomes an opportunity to shape that starting party instead of pimp it out with EXP points. Also works well in tandem with the avatar (which I just want to do mostly to show that we have that technology kinda, but also because wynaut), who is also a trainee unit. They all get six potential promotions and access to promotion items within the prologue.

Yo peeps,

This definitely interests me. I tried my hand at hacking FE7 a few times, but those fell through since I was in school. I’m a programming major, so I’d be very interested in the programming aspects over the other spheres. If you are taking newbies on this, sign me up.

Oh my, did another assembly hacker make their way out of the woodworks? :smiley:

Be my apprentice. Nao. Please?

As long as you have a project, I’m open to anything. I have limited experience in event assembly, mappy, and FEditor. Is that sufficient?

I meant learn real assembly hacking from me. I mean, like, real programming. Interested?
(Do you have any form of instant messaging?)

I’m interested. And I have skype, steam for IM. Please send me a private message for those. I’ll gladly give you my usernames.

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asm is ez

(tbh i don’t see the point in personal apprentices; i pretty much learned by just going to hextator and later zahl whenever i needed help.)

This guy has experience with low-level programming, so it’s more of a briefing of FE specific things, like ranting about how much you have to load things up from tables(ugh) and debugging stuff smartly.

The syntax in asm is easy. the hard parts are the limitations set by the game. Sure, with space we can pretty much add more, but at some point we’ll lack addresses for that space. Additionally, we can’t overwrite too much stuff, otherwise we risk overriding core game logic. Also, until last night, I wasn’t aware that we could debug our hacks. This will make my life much easier.

there isn’t a lot you can’t do without enough macros!

(no seriously the shit that hextator did to make C work is crazy)

Oh, show me how to make C work in FE! Though, really, I’d still rather use .thumb assembly because I don’t trust C with my registers…