Expand quantity characters

Any guide to expand the number of characters to insert, for the fire emblem 6, 7 or 8?

a FE 6 7 U 8

Expanding to more than 0xFF (255) characters is pretty difficult, you would need to change how the whole game deals with the character IDs and how it saves them.

Expanding to 255 should be pretty easy for any game that’s not already using that many characters, if you want more than that you are out of luck, really. In FEbuilder a “extend list” option should appear at the bottom of the character list if it’s not already maxed.

If it’s maxed already, you’ll just have to work with what there is, replacing existing characters and all that.

Also, you know those character statistics like battle foughts and wins? That’s only kept for characters up to a certain ID, if you want to make a playable character you need to make sure the ID isn’t too high. This also applies to the skill system, only characters up to 0x46 have learnt skills, the skills for other units are determined from level and class.

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Muchas gracias de nuevo me ayudas bastante :slight_smile:

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