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Eventiel! Now with save function!


He was talking about this waaaay back in 2010 (salvaged from ye olde FEU).

@circleseverywhere Just want to say that this looks like a fantastic endeavor! I don’t know if Cedar’s still lurking somewhere, but I’m sure she’d be nodding approvingly. This could be a real game-changer on the FE8 hacking front.


In case anyone wants to try it: it’s now on Github Pages. Hopefully Cedar won’t mind it being hosted on a non-TEB site

If you want to help out, the repository is here. I don’t really get the whole Github process, but I think you just have to make a branch, edit stuff, and then send a pull request so I can add your changes to the master branch.


Map sprites updated.

Conversations work, backgrounds too. Recruitment works. Music works. If I can get conditionals working I would be totally happy to make chapters in Eventiel and polish stuff later.


If Eventiel becomes a downloadable .exe I would use it.


Just download the github repository. It runs in browser but no internet connection is needed.


I’ve never used Eventiel but it can import and edit existing events, right?


No, it will probably never be able to edit existing events, that’s way too complicated.


FYI you know that conditional natively operate as GOTOs, right? I did some messing around for next EA version so that that’s how they naturally work.2w/ backwards compatability of course


I think I read something about that.

Not that it matters to me, mostly what I have to do is replace things like
IFCD con_id char; #do something; ENIF
CHECK_ALIVE char; IFNOTEQUAL con_id 0xC 0x0; #do something; ENIF


You know there are IFCD() macros and stuff, right?


I thought there should be, but they weren’t listed in the macro and command list, and the only conditional helpers in the Misc Helpers were for FE7.

Now I see they were in Backward Compatibility.txt. That should save a little bit of time, thanks.


Conditions are fine the way they always have been people just need to getgudder at handling multiple layers of if/else logic.


hate to necro but does anybody have the fe7 version of eventiel? can’t seem to navigate this place, a lot has changed since I have been here.


…Um, isn’t that version in the OP, the default version, the FE7 version of Eventiel? FE8 is the special one you have to look for.


yeah but its broken, circles mentioned he backed it up on dropbox but I don’t see it anywhere.



fe7 version - the chapter map images were on dropbox but they seem to be gone now, still the rest should work


thank you very much


Hey, I think there’s something wrong with the FE7 version of Eventiel. When I put a unit on the map, it just displays the “image not found” icon for me instead of the class’s map sprite.