Event Assembler Animation Insertion Help

I must be doing something wrong because I keep getting this message

I assume it’s because I’m messing up the pathway to the animation, but I’m not sure how to correct it. Well, this is what I’ve done so far

did you ORG to freespace? If you don’t it insterts it at the start of the ROM, which would break it.

No I didn’t actually. So I would at this line to fix it? I’m replacing an animation so would it be any different from adding a new one?

#define AnimTableEntry(index) “ORG ClassAnimTable + (index * 0x20)”

No, do not touch that. At the very top of your Master Animation Installer, you can add an ORG (some free space location e.g. 0xb2a610).

Alternatively put it at the top of a buildfile and #include “Master Animation Installer.event” in that.

Oh okay. Can I add animations without increasing the max index in FEditor Adv? For example, if the max is A2 so could I add an animation in A3?

In that case you would need to repoint the animation table yourself - unfortunately the macro can’t work with the auto repointing capability of nmm2csv because of the way EA works, so you’d have to find a fixed location with enough free space to fit the new animation table, copy it there, and change the #define ClassAnimTable to your new location.

Hmm… Not sure I understand. Could I then just increase it with FEditor then just add the animations this way? Also I got the animation inserted correctly though Hector Lord Palette fix said line 17 is incomplete when i tried that one. Is there a fixed version or something I could do on my end? The line says " File Thief Sword Installer.event, Line 13, Column 29: Didn’t reach end, currently at Colon(:slight_smile: " When trying to insert the thief palette fix as well