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cavalier_1 image
Cavalier 01

knight image
Knight 01

archer image
Archer 01
Designed together with Paladin 01 as his younger brother.

paladin image
Paladin 01
Designed together with Archer 01 as his older brother.

cavalier_2 image
Cavalier 02

mage image
Mage 01


Hello! I think I recognize these from Serenes

I’m not really great when it comes to portrait critique, I would just say that for Knight 1 & Pal 1, the armor looks a bit large for their head size (IE their shoulders) and Cav 1’s blinking frame on the eye that’s covered looks like it has a graphical error, but I can’t tell (because it’s a gif)

Welcome regardless

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Knight 1 and Paladin 1 don’t really have skulls, just faces, especially the knight. Add more space behind the ear, like you have for your other mugs. I’d also move the Paladin’s ear up a couple pixels. Overall these are pretty solid splices, though.

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knight update paladin update cavalier_1
Updates on these portraits following your feedback.
I tried to resize the armor for the first portrait down; and worked a little on adding in the ‘skulls’ for both portraits.

cavalier_1_old cavalier_1
(Old on left; updated on right)
As for this one, I realized that the shading around the eyes in the blinking frames weren’t consistent with the original frame, so I fixed those, and hopefully the graphical glitch you may have been seeing as well.

Also, I’ve been trying out to do a custom mug instead of splicing one together and it’s been pretty challenging trying to figure things out. This particular one is obviously inspired by Three Houses; the reference for the outfit was kind of a mix between Hilda’s pre-timeskip uniform and the Summer Wear outfit.

The shading for the clothes and hair aren’t anywhere near finished, but I think I’ve settled on something alright for the eyes/face.

The biggest issue I felt while spriting was this area right here. I wasn’t sure whether or not the hair should flow over the shoulder or just kind of fall behind the shoulders or wherever; and I couldn’t really find a nice reference to figure out how it would go.


wip_custom2 tests
Tried to work out a shorter hairstyle and it seems to be the best so far.
I also tested out some other hairstyles but none of them in particular seemed to look alright.


threehouses threehouses
Finished with this mug for now; I’ll work out the last few details/fixes according to feedback. Here’s the insertable + an animated preview.