Ether's Animations

Hi Ether,

Correct - generally speaking it is encouraged for creatives to have their own thread that they update with art/animations, and/or they submit to the repository thread linked above. The latter helps ensure that others can more easily find and use what you’ve made.

Thanks for sharing!

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I just needed to know that. I was posting it in the category that made the most sense to me. Thank you.

You’re welcome - happy to help.

Any previews available?

Here is for the Great Shield ability:

Here is for the Light Arrow spell:


I was referring to how you ‘structure’ your animations inside the zips you’ve been posting.

Your folders have no structure, for the most part. They’re not uniform and the don’t adhere to the graphics repo format. This means me, or my volunteers, have to spend multiple minutes on each one fixing them.

When combined with my backlog of not-yet-added animations, along with all those you’ve posted, that adds a significant time investment.

Therefore, if you read this post, you can see how to format the animations.

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Oh, A PSA. I did not know how to put the code that finishes my spell animations. I have done so now. They should work. All those who downloaded my spell animations will have to do so again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is my Pyroblast spell:


Here is my animation for the Acolyte class.
It is a ‘trainee’ class.
It is derived from the ‘Pupil’ class form Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones.
It is meant for starting off with dark magic. It makes logical sense for this class to be used as a trainee
for light magic classes as well.


Here are two dark magic spell animations. The “Lunaire” one has been graphically improved. Please re-download it, if you downloaded it before.
Nosfertiir is an enhanced version of Nosferatu:

Lunaire is an enhanced version of Luna:


That Nosfertiir is so dope!!

I may want to try it on a mage boss later.

Thank you.

I made a new monster map sprite. I even included a portrait. Apparently Magvel is unstable. So much so that some of the Twisting Nether have been sighted along with the monsters. Introducing the Voidwalker.
This is meant to be a summoner’s summon.
Please understand, there are no battle animations. This is meant to be an addition to a Summmoner’s (or Necromancer’s) arsenal. Although, I wish I knew how to get FEbuilder to get a character to choose from more than one.


Apparently, there were more sightings of Voidwalkers.
I took some pictures. One of them was not too happy about it…


Here is Toxiir, the poison arrow:

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Here are some Dark Druid Animations:

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I made changes to the Lunaire spell. It should look better now.

Here is Griir, the Dark Hand spell:

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Apparently Voidwalkers are not the only thing being introduced to Magvel. Some of the less…
reputable spellcasters in the Twisting Nether have been seen casting spells similar to dark spells found on Magvel.
Shiir, the Shadow Bolt spell.

Voboiir, the Void Bolt spell.