Emblem Impact

Hello, FEU community!

I want to share a concept I have begun recently called Emblem Impact, an attempt to recreate Genshin Impact in FE8. I plan to recreate some of the story content, and try to replicate some core gameplay mechanics, such as domains, artifacts, and the gacha system.
I hope to post updates every so often, and maybe setup a Discord server for the project if enough people are interested.
While I do not have much to show currently, I hope to hopefully see if anyone is actually interested in this.
And to everybody that reads this, have a wonderful day/night :grin:


Is this because the other guy cancelled his version of the project?

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I actually saw that post a few hours ago, it’s a shame that it got canceled, looked like it was gonna be good.

But no, I didn’t even know there was another post on a Genshin project, just happened to come up with the idea at some point.

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Understandable. None the less I’m excited to see what ideas you have. Also I can’t wait to see what you do for the gacha system especially