Emblem Chronicle VII


Whispers of rebellion, the disappearance of Marquess Pherae, and a shadowy organization pulling the strings…

Join Hector of Ostia as he sets out on a journey to uncover the truth. Travel the continent of Elibe in this thrilling fantasy strategy RPG.

Build an army. Trust nobody. Only on Super Famicom.

Download V 0.1 (June 29 2023)


Emblem Chronicle VII is a demake of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword in the engine of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It attempts to blend features and mechanics from both games, FE7’s story, and FE5’s engine together into a single mod. Hopefully this project offers something for fans of both games.

Its development has been closely linked to both my FE5 disassembly and my library for working with FE5, Volt Edge over the last 5 years. Despite all of that time, this current release includes only four chapters. It’s very much a work in progress, please see the Known Issues section for more information. It’s likely that saves for current versions will not be compatible with later versions.

See the releases page for past versions.


Will you be adding ‘modes’ for Eliwood and/or Lyn?

You’ll join forces with Eliwood, the son of Marquess Pherae, in Chapter 2: Birds of a Feather. Eliwood is Hector’s best friend and a charismatic leader. Players should be careful not to let him fall into the hands of the enemy or be slain in battle, which will result in a Game Over!

You’ll get to meet Lyndis, the granddaughter of Marquess Hausen of Caelin, in Chapter 5: Noble Lady of Caelin. She’s a skilled swordfighter hailing from the windswept plains of Sacae.

Can you tell me about characters’ growth rates and other hidden statistics?

Characters will grow quite a bit over the course of your travels. You should use your tactician’s intuition and past experiences to determine a character’s niche.

As for hidden statistics: The wins/losses on Eliwood’s and Hector’s status screen doesn’t count their sparring record. By Eliwood’s count, the pair has had 30 matches, 14-12 in his favor (with 4 draws). Hector claims that the record is 31 matches, with an even 13-13 split and 5 draws.

Is x mechanic in this game? How is y implemented? Are you going to add z feature?

Since the story of this game is already known, the only real unexpected things I can provide are how the games are blended. You’ll have to figure things out on your own.

My general philosophy is that additions should either be present in one of the games or be in the spirit of them, with a general leaning toward FE5-ness.

Why not start from a translation?

The version of this project showcased in FEE3 2017 used my FE5 menu translation as a base. It wasn’t great to work with and I have to spend time and effort to untangle things when doing actual menu implementations.

Known Issues

You may run into game-breaking bugs unexpectedly. Please be sure to save regularly. There are many things that remain unedited from the original game that will be removed later.

  • Many supplemental menus either have broken or missing text. Please only report issues with menus if they are otherwise translated and functional.
  • Animations are set to Map by default until battle animations are implemented. If you use normal battle animations you may run into issues and unpleasantness.
  • You will be sent to Chapter 3x: The Peddler Merlinus regardless of if you visited his house in the previous chapter; this is intentional. Additionally, you will be greeted with a Game Over at the end of the chapter, as it is the end of this release.
  • Hector uses Fighter animations as his custom ones are not done.
  • Chapter 3: In Search of Truth may freeze rarely during enemy phase due to some unknown cause.
  • A popup window has not been implemented for the gold-granting house in Chapter 3x: The Peddler Merlinus; it still grants the gold, however.
  • A certain ethereal weightlifter is used as a placeholder portrait until various NPC portraits are finished.
  • Enemy AI might behave oddly around snags and breakable walls.

This is a mirror of the Release Repository CREDITS.md file.

Credits may list social media links, website profiles, or other ways of finding those listed here.

Please support these awesome folks.


Assets that are not listed are either from me (Zane Avernathy) or are from the base game(s).


Portrait names in parenthesis denote portraits for artists, placeholders, or other miscellaneous purposes.

  • Abzel (twitter)

    • Pent
    • Uther (with heavy editing by elise)
  • blueeyedman24 (twitter)

    • Legault
  • daffowisp

    • Anna
  • elise (FEU profile)

    • Boies
    • Cameron/Maxime
    • Damian
    • Desmond
    • (elise)
    • Farina
    • Fiora
    • Kent
    • Leila (and dead Leila)
    • Louise
    • Lowen
    • Matthew (with touch-ups by Glaceo)
    • Murdock
    • Oswin
    • Priscilla
    • Puzon
    • Raven
    • Rebecca (with touch-ups by L95)
    • Sain
    • (Skeleton)
    • Wire
  • fling (twitter)

    • Bartre
    • Lucius (with heavy editing by elise)
    • Merlinus
  • Glaceo (twitter) (FEU profile)

    • Eliwood
    • Guy
    • Jaffar
    • (Kelik)
    • Marcus
  • L95 (twitter) (FEU profile)

    • Athos
    • Canas
    • (Eirika)
    • Elbert
    • Ephidel (and hooded Ephidel)
    • Erk
    • Fargus
    • Fire Dragon
    • Florina
    • Hannah
    • Helman
    • Jerme
    • Karel
    • Kenneth (and morph Kenneth)
    • Limstella
    • (Lyon)
    • Nergal (and unwrapped/unwrapped+smiling Nergal)
    • Nils (and entranced Nils)
    • Ninian (and entranced Ninian)
    • Sonia
    • Teodor
    • Vaida
    • Zoldam
  • Levin64 (twitter) (FEU thread)

    • (Levin)
  • monkeybard (twitter)

    • Dart
  • Pikmin1211 (FEU profile)

    • Rath
  • Raymond (FEU profile)

    • Bernard
  • Smilies

    • Rat-faced Bandit
  • Tsushi

    • Harken
  • Two Who Belong (FEU profile)

    • Igor
    • Zagan (with edits by Smilies)
  • Vlak

    • Kishuna
    • Uhai
  • Xigdar

    • Karla (with edits by Levin64)
  • ZessDynamite (FEU profile)

    • Hellene

Portraits from me that have received edits from other contributors:

  • Geitz (touch-ups by Tsushi)
  • Isadora (touch-ups by Levin64)
  • Nino (touch-ups by Levin64)
  • Serra (heavy editing by elise)
  • Sophia (touch-ups by Levin64)
  • Ursula (touch-ups by Levin64)

Map sprites

  • Two Who Belong
    • Hector


This list of tools, utilities, and other software is not exhaustive and contains things that are not currently part of the process and/or are used as inspiration.


  • ai’s Sol fix
  • Ultimage’s AI disassembly, along with contributions, fixes, and suggestions to my FE5 disassembly and standard library.

Special thanks

This project is the result of long brainstorming sessions with Smilies, elise, and Two Who Belong. Thanks to Arch, L95, Doc, bookofholsety, and many more. Thank you to Ultimage, nat5, and the many wizards who inspire me.

Thank you Miacis, Ultimage, Cirosan, Kirb, and others whose love of FE5 lead to much of the research that was conducted in tandem with the development of this project.

Past contributors whose work has since been superseded include but are not limited to:

  • kb for his early Serra portrait

Finally… Dalsin and Marty face off against Puzon


but for real congrats on release!!


Sweet RNG blessings from Mother Earth and Father Sky!

I’m surprised that this popped up out of nowhere. Thought it was just shown up at the FEE3 from 2017 and never occur again, faded into myth, never to be seen again until it risen from realm of FE ROM hacks that never see the light of day.

Overall, impressed about the dedication there. Gives proof that hacking FE5 is possible, but in the working stage.


I awake from a long slumber to give this my blessings once more. Looking forward to pogging out while playing again.


I like the part where Kelik shows up and says “it’s Keliking time”


No way… F5 and F7 combined? Pure madness! I have to give it a try, even if there are only four chapters.


My 2 favorite Fire Emblem games into 1? I am intrigued and amazed at this project. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this and wish you the absolute best on this project and hope one day for its completion!


This is really cool, Zane. A playable fully custom FE5 project is a huge achievement, even if it’s still a work in progress! Can’t wait to give it a whirl later today.


is leif in this game


Oh wow! I remember seeing about this hack some months ago, but know, it’s a thing, nice! :smiley:


Wow! to see this on an actual FE5 game really blows my mind. ever since as I kid, or well, teenager in 2013-2014, I always had a wanted to see old games like this being demake. and you know, I always had a thought about FE7 being on a FE5 game. where it used all the tharcia’s mechanics to had in the game.

Though, I am glad to see this game come to life on here! ^w^


coming in from the FEE3 trailer! really excited to see this finished whenever that may be


This’ll be so ballin’ when it gets finished. Cheers!


With progress going smoothly, I thought I’d show off some of Chapter 4: False Friends!

Hector and company have arrived in Laus, eager to learn the truth behind Marquess Pherae’s disappearance. On their way to meet Darin, the Marquess of Laus, Hector and Eliwood are greeted by an old classmate of theirs.

Your foe is rather…impatient. Strike swiftly and hold on tight.


Thanks to Smilies for the new Erik portrait, writing help, and general deviousness. There’s a lot that went into this chapter, and still a lot more to do. As of writing this, I have to do some minor fixing of an event, implement the bulk of Merlinus’ functionality, and redo the entire prep screen.


Taste my lance!
It’s utterly delicious!


Oh, the portraits look very nice :smiley:


anything new about this please am so excited to play it

Hi! I’m glad you’re excited. Normally, I post minor progress updates to my social media. As I mentioned in my last post in this thread, my major goals for the next release are Merlinus’ functionality and the chapter preparations screen. Merlinus is less of a priority for me than the prep screen, so I’ve been working on that first.

It would be hard for folks to play the next few chapters without a working prep screen, so getting it done has a higher priority than actually making chapters at the moment. It’s a large, complex set of menus and it’s going to take a decent amount of time to get through them.

The first sub-menu of the prep screen that I’ve completed is the shop/armory menu, which covers both mid-chapter shops and the armory accessible from the prep screen. Here are some screenshots:


The next sub-menu that I’m working on is the convoy. Completing one of these menus requires me to do a lot of work researching and documenting how they work, with the results being open for anyone to see. It’s tedious and very technical, so it tends to take a long time to get through a menu.

As for gameplay stuff, I’m hoping for the next release to have 3-4 chapters. False Friends is already done and the next few chapters are fairly straightforward.


Is missing name text file for units and weapons a known bug? I patched correct rom with SHA-1 75B504921D08E313FF58150E40121AC701884517 and tried both unipatcher
and online patcher https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/ and couldn’t get it without missing text bug.

This isn’t a bug; text isn’t implemented for these menus.

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