Eliwood animu

So I’ve been poking around with FE7 lately, and customizing it a little bit for my own enjoyment, but out of the tons of excellent animations I see you guys do, I can’t seem to find any particularly improved Eliwood Knight Lord ones, or even any based off legendary or brave Eliwood from Heroes. I am SUPER interested to see if anyone has done a Legendary based Eliwood wielding Maltet animation, or any eliwood maltet animations at all.

Kinda of rambling, so TL;DR, does anyone know of any improved Eliwood animations, or Eliwood Maltet animations they’d be willing to share?

edit: I have been through the directory but didn’t quite find what I’m looking for

There is Glenwing’s Ephraim-style Eliwood, I suppose.
But other than no free-to-use animation resembles what you’re looking for.

Yeah I did notice that one, but having just played FE8, it feels weird lol. Eliwood doesn’t seem to get too much love.

Thanks for the answer!